My Tarmac Project Blue sub 6kg, update page 5:)

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by kikkie

Update page 5

In this topic I started this project. It got a bit out of hand, but i'm very happy with the result.


So, what’s the deal with this build... I was using a Cervelo S1 with Sram Force for my elite (cat 1) road races. The idea was to build a bike for hilly stage races and cyclo's. At first i wanted to just make it as light as I could afford. So I started to buy light parts including a 175gr bar and adding light carbon parts to a force group, etc. Then it hit me: I'm not going to be able to do care free descents and corners with this thing. I won't be able to go a 100km/h on a bumpy Ardennes descent without the mental picture of Voight doing a face plant.

So i changed the plan, chucked away the Volcar bars and carbon fiddly bits and started over. The idea behind this bike is going light with race proven parts of respectable brands. These are the parts:


So why these parts, you'll get most of them -as weight weenies-, but:

-19mm tire on the front cause I've always done that, seems to work for me
-Ritchey stem, the lightest i trusted, and is carbon (for it's looks)
-FSA bars, lightest of race proven bars with these dimensions
-The axles in the Speedplay paddles are from Tuning Pedals, as is the seat post
-Tacx bottle cages are because I've used those since forever and my team uses Tacx bottles. These never fail me, so i got the same I always use, but in carbon.
-Ilink Cables are just awesome and I love how they function
-OG's are my new favorite brakes. I honestly don't understand how some people can't like them...
-I run double bar tape, a thin wrapped carbon ribbon and a Lizzardskin 1.8 on top, comfort first:)
-The Omni Racer BB is both the cheapest and lightest ceramic BB I've seen, works great so far, but time will tell.
-Antares is what i always use, love it to bits, so the 00 was the natural choice, no brainer

So that's about it, function first. i gave the stem, bars, seat post and bottle cages a sand job and a thin satin clear coat finish. The first reason is because i think it looks cool, the second is that it allowed me to use different brands, to get me the best of different worlds.

The paintjob was done by BCP special paintwork in the Netherlands, they do an awesome job and give 2 year guarantee! This is the 4 layer clear coat, a bit heavier, but much more durable then stock paints.

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by Weenie

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by timintense

Wow! love that, colour is awesome :thumbup: :thumbup:
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by Martin.F

That is beauutiful!

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by StuTheWeak

Mines better, but good job! Mine's blue too...just not sooo blue :wink:

Wish I could have gotten my Zero Gravity to be more consistent. I had to order heavier brakes.
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by kgt

Nice work!

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by Zitter

love that color

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by itsacarr

Bravo buddy - well put together. Look forward to hearing about the project and WHO did the paint. Looks fantastic.

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this bike looks great.

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by irf3

Not overly flashy. Solid build with great parts. Well done. :thumbup:

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by KWalker

just ignore Stu and perhaps he will take a step back and look at how much of an ass he's making out of himself
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by newfy

Looks great. Love the blue. Stutheweak has no clue what taste is.

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by tonytourist

That bike looks awesome! :twisted: 8)
+1 for an original color, looks cool.

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by wolfesquire

Thank you for the computer background :thumbup:

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by inthedrops

Refreshing change from today's popular colors. And a great build at the same time. Nice one.

by Weenie

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