Enigma XCR steel, build advice welcomed.

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by CrazyErrol

After a long, frustrating and eventually fruitless courtship of a new Colnago (too much paint OCD on my part) I'm giving up for now and moving on to n+1, a custom Enigma XCR.

http://www.enigmabikes.com/bike-enigma- ... steel.html

I'm not massively hung up on the ww thing but as I'm ending up with more component budget now due to lower frame cost and as the steel frame will be on the heavier side I'll play. So, most components are up for discussion and input is welcomed on weight, performance, looks, whatever. Budget will be around my initially considered parts' costs. The bike is intended for long, quick, hilly rides.

I've got the groupset and wheels coming already which I bought with the Colnago in mind. In a couple of days I have a fitting/consultation session with the Bike Whisperer (London, UK) and then on to Enigma in the afternoon to discuss the design of the frame with my numbers in hand.

Definites are...

XCR frame, horizontal top tube geo. Full Polished frame. Blasted logos.

DA 7900 groupset

DA 7850 C24 tubular wheelset

Arione saddle

Edge 2.0 fork unless Mark at Enigma talks me out of it.

Everything else is to be decided but should be black or ud carbon, I'll probably want to de-logo/sticker most finishing kit etc.

My initial proposed build with crude/googled weight estimates is

XCR frame w/ headbadge 1545g
Chris King Nothreadset 98g
Edge 2.0 Fork (est, cut) 310g
Dura Ace 7900 groupset 2045g
Dura Ace C24 tubulars 1250g
Fizik Arione CX braided, black 169g
3t Dorico Ltd post 175g
3t Ergonova ltd bars 192g
3t arx team stem 125g
Dura Ace 7900 pedals 248g
Vittoria Evo SC x 2 500g
Black Fizik Microtex 63g
Lezyne Power cage x 2 118g

Total estimated 6838g

Other finishing kit I've thought about are enve/edge and deda (presa bars/black stick) but 3t seemed the best weight to £. Also I was encouraged by the apparent ease and success with which some of you have de-logoed 3t parts.

WRT forks, I'd quite like to get rid of the edge/enve logos, any ideas how easy this is? Had thoughts about replicating somehow as a shadow or ghost logo a la black on black lightweights.

Wheels, I'd like to de sticker and have a small mirrored dura ace decal made for each rim side, like the logo on the 7800 chainset for eg.

I need to speak to them about the headset but I'd quite like an integrated one for cleaner lines, is there any reason not to go down this route? I've seen xcr frames of theirs with this option.

The Bike Whisperers recommend Speedplay pedals for reasons not yet made clear to me, how are they?

How realistic is the estimated weight?

Anyway, very much looking forward to Tuesday and reading any of your thoughts and advice before I go and during the build.


As it's gallery, here's my soon to be other raw steel bike, also built by Mark @ Enigma....


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by KB

Don't understand why Mark would want to steer you away from the Enve fork. They get very good write-ups and look good as well. He does build nice frames though (he built me a titanium frame when he was trading as Omega).

I think someone on here de-stickered an Enve fork. He did it with a razor blade so far as I'm aware.

If get around the 6.8 mark for a steel build you will have done well with that build list. To get lighter you would have to spend money on lighter wheels and other exotica that would bump up your expenditure considerably.

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by CrazyErrol

Yeah, I've figured I might be a bit optimistic compared to what the real weight would come in at but hey it should still fly. Fit, comfort, ride quality etc is more a priority than extreme low weight for me.

I haven't been told I can't use the fork so prob won't be any issues like you say.

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Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez
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by Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez

:thumbup: :thumbup: Good thing you're going with the horizontale tt geo.
When I saw their website photo, I thought it would be sloping too.

You can't go wrong with 3T front end, de-stickered and it will even more let the frame talk (focus).

I'm a fan of your old Enigma :mrgreen:

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by mrfish

I'm sure it will be nice. I used to have an Omega made of Excel steel tubing as I was always a weight weenie.

Regarding the build, if you're obsessed by weight I would probably go as follows:
- What bb? PF30 would be the latest and greatest.
- Full DA - nice, but why not get lighter brakes and crank? I have full DA and it looks quite 'pro', but I will replace it eventually. Hollowgram cranks plus black F&N brakes would be nice and save a lot of weight I think.
- lighter wheels as that's going to save a large chunk. I know the DA ones are very good, but search here for light and cheap generic rims plus what ebay hubs to get.
- 3t team handlebars to save money in return for only a few gs and logos are easily buffed out.
- AX lightness post if you're not too heavy. Mine was 116g
- Scratch Nack saddle - similar comfort but a bit lighter I think
- Pedals, DA are functionally excellent, but Time ICLIC Ti or Look Blade Ti are a bit lighter. Speedplays are an acquired taste and yes lighter, but also much more fragile and finnicky to set up. I would only go there if you have 4-bolt shoes, but others think they're the best. Also search here for lots of posts about their dubious business practices.
- ilinks / ilink minis
- Veloflex tubs - I've been super-happy with my Veloflex tyres and reports of the vittorias in the rain have not been so good.

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by CrazyErrol

Cheers dude, lots to mull over there..

I use Veloflex clinchers and am very happy with them so will look into tubs. I'm not obsessed, as such, with the weight but want to make the right choices so long as they fit within the aesthetic of the bike and are sturdy and comfy enough to withstand some good riding and not compromise the ride.

Literally just left Enigma. Can't say I was totally blown away with the bike. It was really nice, don't get me wrong but not quite the ride I was hoping for. However I could only try it out with some cheap mavics and Conti tyres. I'm convinced banging on my dura ace wheels and nice rubber will transform it into what I'd hoped but was not possible today. I am gonna go back with my own wheels and an ambrosio cassette and find out for sure, all their xcr bikes are Campag builds.

What is exciting is the how far they are prepared to go to get the frame how want it in terms of finish. It took a bit of convincing but I think they will do it. I'm gonna keep the details to myself for now but if what I have planned comes off I will be over the moon. :D

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by andyindo

Did you ever get this bike?If so how about a pic or two? I'm currently looking at an XCR bike and would be interested to know your thoughts....
Oh and see an xcr enigma with a level top tube!

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by CrazyErrol

No I didn't, went on holiday, came back and ordered the C59. I had some fun up in the Pyrenees and realised what I needed to do which is return there asap armed with the Colnago. :lol:

Next year now with this one pending more test rides and a bigger house, had another new bike arrival this week. GF is getting nervous. She keeps talking about sheds and I keep giving her the same look. Which is :shock:, sure love you stick your bikes in a shed, mine stay on the wall.

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