My new Colnago C59 Italia Limited Edition

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by brycerider

No but i would be a changing it as it looks wrong. Which is important if you are buying a bike for its looks which is the case with this limited edition.

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by Epic-o

jsinclair wrote: To those tellimg him to sort out the stem, should he ride around like this?


Uploaded with

Yeah, now it looks even more exclusive :lol: :lol:

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by grid256

Sometimes referred to as hobo drops or homeless hooks.

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by giantdale

Well put, jsinclair :thumbup:

lone wheeler
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by lone wheeler

It didn't do Graham Obree any harm riding like that...

I love the bike by the way. The stem rise, in my opinion is not an issue if it fits well.

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by jcumpstay

First decent ride on the Lightweights today and all I can say is WOW! these things are light, fast, quiet and comfy. Well worth the coin!

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by solarider

The aesthetic of the stem is OK if it improves the fit. Can't understand people asking you to flip an integrated stem anyway.

More to the point given the amount of seat post showing and the stem, I can't help thinking you bought a size too small. I agree with keeping the frame as small and responsive as possible, but this may have tipped too far.

I am sure it looks stunning in the flesh, but I have always loved Colnago's flamboyant paint jobs or bare carbon. I do have to agree that all White looks a bit bland.

No denying the quality of the build though. Really beautiful job.

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by vladt

Hey jcumpstay.

Absolutely stunning machine that is only enhanced by the LW wheels.
IMHO don't just go out changing stem/bars. Get the bike professionally fitted (specialized BG Fit comes to mind) and change only if/what needed to be comfortable on it. I take it you bought this bike as a long termer?

To all those posters that think that this bike is a "waste of coin" - get a life!
Especially majklnajt. If jcumpstay can afford the finest, he should rightfully enjoy it, regardless whether he is racing it/training on it or putting it on the ergo. I am sure he works hard for his coin just like most of us do.

IMHO Colnago has more pedigree and race heritage in their stem than your "TrekGiantSpecialized" collection of Chinese carbon any day!

:D :)


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by jcumpstay

Thanks all. I'm pretty happy with the overall bike fit. I actually spent about 4 hours in the shop getting fitted on a sloping frame before we ordered this. All my measurement were sent to Colnago because this bike comes 90% pre built with Colnago branded integrated handlebar and Di2 in seat tube.

I actually don't even notice the slant on the stem in real life. I think the photos extenuate how it looks more than anything.

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by dcj9

with the 404 firecrest wheels you had on originally and white handlebar tape :thumbup:

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by majklnajt

Sorry, but I see it that way. Just my view of it. Maybe my words sound insulting, but that was not my intention.

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by strobbekoen

All nice parts obviously but.. Aesthetically speaking it's a bit too dressed-up.
You need to tone it down and get some contrasting colors going. Black bottle cage, all black wheels. That seatpost doesn't look right to me. Black post and stem maybe, to get the alternating black/white theme going.

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by sakic

Pretty cool bike. The colour is the colour, we can't all like it.

it is an impressive bike though, that one of the often called "old tech" brands brings to the market even though in ltd edition, some nice features for Di2, even if you see them as a gimmick or not.

You are measured and all the details go to colnago as the stem (stem and bars combo) and head tube are made to measure and for one another. So the fit and look of the bike is determined then before it is built.

I agree that it would be awsome as part of a collection, as I don't think many bikes will come with the type of stemcap or light that it has. Personally I wouldn't change a thing on it from stock.

If you can afford it and want to ride it good on you. :D

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by c50jim

I'm with sakic. The bike looks great and I'm sure it's a great ride.

Personally, I'm still stuck in the C40 era. After a big crash last year, I found that I was really only comfortable on my C40 so I bought some NOS C40 frames from Toronto and put the parts from my Parlee Z1s on them. Colnago handling just makes me feel more comfortable and confident. I wish I had ordered one of these limited edition C59s. I'm sure it would be wonderful and it would be fun fiddling about with accents to the white or just going all white. Hmm. Maybe I should see if there are any of the 59 left - a special edition C50, #59 of 59, size 59 (my size).

I hope you love riding the bike as much as I love its looks.

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by aw21

Beautiful Bike!

If anything, not keen on the gray bar tape.

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