Cyfac Absolu - custom with ISP, BB30, tapered fork

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by cyfacteam

Hi folks,
I'm with Cyfac but new to Weightweenies. I wanted to show off a Cyfac build similar to what our friends at Pez did. This has been updated with BB30 (we can do Shimano Press-Fit as well as a regular english-threaded one) and a tapered 1 1/2" x 1 1/8" fork. It's my own personal bike so I also have the pride of ownership that goes with it. I elected to have a two-tone French-flag inspired motif with a matte finish. At first I expected the matte finish to prove difficult to keep clean but it actually shows dirt and grime less than my other bikes with a brilliant clear-coat. And, some Armor-all style wipes work great for a quick cleaning!

It's shown here with some Lightweight Special Edition wheels and came in at 13.4 lbs (sans pedales). That's with Dura Ace 7900 with FSA BB30 crank, 3T Team Carbon Bar, 3T Team alloy stem, Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio saddle.

I hope you like it!








by Weenie

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by SteveB

Looks great :beerchug: You're just making me even more impatient for mine though. I've got an Absolu on order (ISP, tapered fork, standard BB) that I'm going to build with Dura Ace and C24 clinchers but I don't think it's arriving for quite a few weeks.

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by Wingnut

They really are beautiful bikes and would seriously consider buying one if I wasn't a poor student again... :(
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by kgt

Beautiful and classy bike!

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by LouisN

Nice !!!

When you say you're with Cyfac, you mean you work at the shop, or you own a Cyfac bike ?

It's super to add another "artisan" to the members then... :welcome: to the forum.

Any insights on the "stealth" Absolu Cyfac made for the Capo Cycling calendar (I saw that somewhere on some site) ? I'd like to see MORE PICTURES of that one, plus the detailed finishing steps!!!

Louis :)

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by coloclimber

Welcome. I am sure that bike rides superbly! Gorgeous Pez paint too.
-Deacon Doctor Colorado Slim

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by prendrefeu

Very classy!

Shame about the ISP, but I really enjoy the frame's development overall.
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by jghall

Welcome, and beautiful. If I only had the coin.

Only nitpick and suggestion, paint the one side of the stem with a blue stripe. Other than that, jealous.

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by Dman

Looks better in person.

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by andy145

I'm relatively new to cycling (and to this forum!) but I can say without much hesitation that this is the nicest looking frame I've ever seen. :shock: :D

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by Tallboy

Chapeau! Ditto as above, paint one side of the stem blue!
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by prendrefeu

LouisN wrote:When you say you're with Cyfac, you mean you work at the shop, or you own a Cyfac bike ?

I think an actual Cyfac representative, no?
Considering the username, the slips of French in the description, and exclusivity of production? :noidea:
Exp001 || Other projects in the works.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

:welcome: to WW!

It is great to have you here.

And the bike is fantastic...
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by strobbekoen

That looks stunning. I also like the way the sloping frame worked out.
Better than mine :thumbup:

Does anyone know why sloping frames look more sloping from the NDS side ? It's weird but I keep noticing it on sloping bikes I had too. Optical illusion of some sort :D

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by gumgardner

Really nice looking bike. I know these Are great riding frames, but I usually don't like their look. This one is really well done :thumbup:

On a side note...I've never seen a bike where a set of lightweights didn't make it 'POP'

by Weenie

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