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by bmxed

I've been lurking for a while and thought it was about time I showed you my ongoing project. I haven't got weights for everything unfortunately, but the parts that I've weighed have been noted.


Frame: Giant TCR Advanced (Medium - 1035g with mech hanger)
Fork: Giant TCR Advanced (were 325g uncut)
Bars: Giant Contact SLR 42cm (200g)
Stem: Bontrager Race XXX Lite 100mm with ti bolts
Headset: FSA 1 1/4" to 1 1/8" Integrated
Fork Expander: Extralite Ultrastar 2 (7g)
Topcap: Giant with ti bolt

Wheels: Soul C5.0 with Soul veloplugs (Front: 592g, Rear: 757g)
Tyres: Veloflex Master 22mm (195g each)
Tubes: Bontrager Race X Lite (69g each)
Skewers: Planet-X Ti Stick Quick Release with Carbon Levers (44g pair)

Saddle: Selle Italia C64 (107g)
Seatpost: Giant Vector - Trimmed, ti M6 bolt, KCNC yoke, Thomson cradle and cut the existing top cradle to clamp only the front of the rails
Seatpost clamp: Giant with ti bolts (19g)

Cranks: Sram Red 50/34 170mm (636g with chainrings)
Bottom Bracket: Sram BB86 Pressfit (92g)
Pedals: Bebop Stainless (191g)
Chain: KMC X10-SL
Cassette: Sram Red 11-23t (153g)

Shifters:Sram Red
Front mech: Sram Red Black braze-on (69g)
Rear mech: Sram Red (145g)
Brakes: Planet-X Ultralight CNC with Soul carbon pads

Cables: Gore Ride-On
Bartape: Deda - sanded the logos off the bar ends
Bottlecage: Either a Giant (25g), MT Zoom (12g) or a combination of the two
Extras - Glued a tiny magnet (<1g) to the spokes to replace the obese standard magnet, Jagwire cable adjuster for front mech

The weight is 6.22kg (13.71lbs) right now but there are a few small changes in the future so it should drop a bit.

Changes are:
- Trim the excess steerer tube, I need to make sure it's not too low before I get the hacksaw out.
- Find a lower stack conical spacer for my headset, I removed the excessively large one that came with the bike so I could get the bars lower.
- Swap the tubes out for Bontrager Race XXX Lite with 60mm valves.
- Wait for my parts from Smud Carbon to arrive (saddle, topcap, seatpost cradle and cages).




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by fishyskawa

Wow impressive! Super clean and great weight for not even the SL frame!

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by Kastrup

Debadged stem and it would be spot on! :)

Never been a fan of glossy black, but this one really works for me, great work :thumbup:
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by CasperG

Like it! Well done! Maybe you can shorten your shifter cables when your sure the stem is in the correct position?

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by SDP

very very very very nice

having 2 x tcr s & wife has one i appreciate a nice tcr ..

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by bmxed

Thanks everyone, I'm really happy with it. Once you get the weight weenie bug it's hard to know when to stop, every time I reach my target I want to go lighter.

CasperG wrote:Like it! Well done! Maybe you can shorten your shifter cables when your sure the stem is in the correct position?

That'll definately be on my list of changes. I need to trim the last section of cable for the rear mech a bit as well.

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by miltmaster3

very nice bike ! good work :thumbup:
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by majklnajt

I am not a fan of Giant bikes, but I find this one very nice and classy! Well done!

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by jdc5r

very nice. instantly grabbed my attention with side profile pic. Well proportioned too.

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by Wingnut

Nice to see a Giant that isn't in a "standard from the shop" build up...

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by kgt

Kastrup wrote:Debadged stem and it would be spot on! :)


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by bmxed

Kastrup wrote:Debadged stem and it would be spot on! :)

I agree that the ugly bontrager logos let the stem down.
Is the best method for removing logos wet sanding? I've seen a few threads that explain how best to do this, I'll have to have a search.

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by chillbro

Nice one mate. :)

One thing i would suggest is running the gear cable housing from the shifter around the back of the handlebar as this achieves an easier curve of the cable, giving better shifting performance :beerchug:


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by YoKaiser

Very slick 8) a Zipp stem would look great!

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Nice build you have.

Could i ask how you find the wheels (ride, quality, even customer service, anything else)? I'm considering buying a pair of Soul wheels. Thanks.

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