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by vzylj2

Geoff wrote:Very nice. Is that saddle level, or is it an optical illusion?

Yes saddle level! It stands on a bike stand!!

by Weenie

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by TuplaO

Foil on LWs: The more I look at it, the more I say to myself: Damn, that's a nice f*cking bike!

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by 2tonedlegs

Hi I noticed the seatpost on both bikes are different? 58 has more setback than the 54? I placed an order on an R10 just curious.....thanks
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by mr.thi03

Yes. According to Scott USA.

Sizes 54 or Med and smaller will come with zero set back seat post. Any size larger will come with 25mm set back seat post.


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by Boralb

PinnacleWheelWorks wrote:This is the start of my new bike. It is a size 58. The frame weighed what I estimate to be 945g. Weighed 1050g with the bottom bracket installed. The seatpost weighed 230g and the fork weighs 360g if I recall correctly. Hopefully in the next two weeks I will be finished with it. I will post the progress as it goes.

Shimano BB86 pressfit bb weights 72g, so the frame's exact weight is 978g. It's about 100g heavier than this year's addict R1 (same size).. Have you scaled the frame with pressfit headset?
If your fork weight is 360g, it is also 40g heavier than addict's. Total frameset weights 140g much over the addict.(much more than the declared %5)
And what about the length of the post?
230g post is heavy for a lightweight and expensive 'hmx' class frame, and you don't have the chance of changing it...

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