Cervelo R5ca 51cm 10.75 lbs

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by sedluk

I used the regular i-Link for braking and i-Link mini for shifting.

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by gumgardner

So the mini's worked with the powercordz? Matt from PC said it wouldn't. :noidea: are you doing anything special to get them to work?

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by dereksmalls

That is one stunning bike!

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by tekri

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by oreoboreo

I love reading threads like these, truly informative. All the comments, you did what? how did you do it? it was not supposed to work? they said that you could not do that?

The best part of the forum and of course all the great pics to back it all up! :thumbup:

Let's finish the ride with a 20% grade.

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by Reamens

Respect!!! :shock:

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by tekri

Did I really step wrong with my first Q here! Sorry, I think the R5CA is great, the set up and the groups!! I'm jealous, i'm envious...I am building my sub 5.3 kg Gavia Tourmalet with a few of the same components (and OMNI BB, CeramicSpeed, UNO). I wanna switch from KCNC CB1 to AX 3000, but I read this test on Fair Wheel Brake Shootout #3 on AX3000 stating: "Weight: 81.4gr, Pad holders: included, Single Pad holder weight: 6.9gr, Pads: Cork included, Powercordz compatible: no"

If you/I/we can make it work, great!

If I ever ask about something, it's because i'm curious/green of experience/green of envy...I've put on my bike (and put on the weight) four BBs, four stems and four different kinds of handlebar tape the last half year...I just wish I hadnt bought'em all...

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by btompkins0112

Tekri, you are fine....very good question. I believe the esteemed Gumgardner asked the same question above, but the OP has yet to give us a response.

Have you opened a thread for your bike, Tekri? We would be very interested to see it! Welcome!

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by tekri

I read all the previous links about the PowerCordz vs AX 3000, and I'll buy a pair from bikecomponents in Germany. And I just found the lightest QR and handlebar tape in the world, Token QR and Deda Elementi. I think I'll shave off close to 60 grams just by replacing those on my bike!!

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