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by trustbran

Aloha Guys! Been a Lurker for quite some time but never had the time join until recent. Here's some quick pics of my Cervelo P1 with road bars. Took off the aero bars as I am looking to build a new tri bike for the new season here. Hopefully I'll be getting my hands on the new 2011 Ridley Noah frameset sometime next week. This Cervelo has been on a steady diet but still is a fatty at 16.3 Ibs. Looking to change up the Ultegra Groupe to possibly Campy Groupe. Much Mahalo! Brandon







by Weenie

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by revgilliam

That is a great looking bike!

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by Roobay

very clean looking bike , un muddled free from clutter
well done :mrgreen:
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by gumgardner

I'm liking that scenery...and also the camera work. Good bokeh from your camera. Oh yah..the bike is nice too :wink:

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by jmilliron

Great photos! :thumbup: Looks like a sweet ride.
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by trustbran

Thanks Guys! I'll miss the scenery of Hawaii when my wife and I move back to S.F. bayarea sometime early next year.
much mahalo!

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by dual

Very nice. Which saddle is that?

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by RudeE

Wow, that looks great!

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by justkeepedaling

Awesome bike, I've been thinking about doing this to my P2 SL

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by reggiebaseball

very nice photography of a great looking bike.
Since you know Aero is where it's at, who cares about a pound or two? I like your 8) 8) Cervelo more than the average :shock: Noah

Is that carbon saddle uncomfortable?

If I had your bike and wanted to shave weight I would consider a fork upgrade, maybe 3T Funda Pro or Edge Aero if it comes in the right rake.
I read in an old post that your fork may weigh as much as 650g (I can see the AL steerer tube for sure)

Going with 3T or Edge might shave 300g -

Keep the old fork in case you go back to aerobar mode.

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by trustbran

Hey Guys! Thanks for the Compliments!

The Carbon saddle is comfortable on short rides, on long rides I use a Specialized Carbon railed Toupe.

I have been meaning to weigh the Cervelo Fork as I did hear it weighs around 600ish grams! I am looking at a couple of CF forks at the moment!

Much Mahalo,

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by bmwe30is

Hi Brandon!

I stumbled upon this thread and your excellent P1 build!

What a gorgeous build! I'm actually wanting to do the same with my P1 that's configured for TT riding right now.

What stem and drops did you use? Any other "modifications" necessary or was it straight forward re-cabling with the brifters and new bars?



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by eippo1

Very nice, but how is the handling with these bikes converted for road? I know that the P1 was the closest to road geometry, but I wonder if the P2 would feel unstable.

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by timskee

Great photography! and a sweet ride!

by Weenie

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by split

I am jealous of your weather. Nice bike too.
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