ADDICT 4367g

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by peter43z


I'm from Poland.

It's my light-bike:

1. bottle cages + screws (2 kpl.): tune 20 gr.
2. brake (front): ax lightness ORION 75 gr.
3. brake (rear): ax lightness ORION 71 gr.
4. brake/shift levars: campagnolo superrecord 11speed
with BTP hoodz and clamps 295 gr.
5. cables: nokon carbon, alligator I’link, powercordz 65 gr.
6. cassette: tiso K7, 11speed, 11-23 full titan (with lock ring 115 gr.
7. chain: campagnolo record 11speed (106 link) 227 gr.
8. crankset: THM Clavicula compact 175mm, ceramic bearing, carbon end cap,
outer ring: CarbonTi 50T, inner ring: CarbonTi 36T, screws: tune 490 gr.
9. derlr. (front): campagnolo superrecord 11speed 71 gr.
10. derlr. (rear): campagnolo superrecord 11speed, both campa ceramic jockeys
Fibra Lyte inner jockey plate 149 gr.
11. fork: ax lightness AX6000 (shaft cut to 205mm) 238 gr.
12. frame: scott addict sl 2009 M 54 (unlack and polish) 712 gr.
rear derlr rake + screw: scott 13 gr.
under BB slidle: scott (plastic screw) 3 gr.
13. handlebar: ax lightness uranus 440mm 141gr.
14. headset: extralite scalhead 46 gr.
headset spacer: look 10mm 5 gr.
15. pedals: speedplay nanogram 129 gr.
16. seat/seatpost: luxtech gen III 31,6 x 335mm 144 gr.
17. seatpost clamp: BTP 5 gr.
18. skewers: tune U20 22 gr.
19. starnut: without
20. stem: ax lightness zeus 110mm 64 gr.
21. tubular front: tufo elite jet 155 gr.
22. tubular rear: tufo elite jet 155 gr.
23. tubular glue tape : tufo (front and rear) 62 gr.
24. top cup: bar end plug 3 gr.
25. wheel front: lew racing PRO VT-1, rim, 16 spokes and hub made
with graphite/boron composite, tune hub mechanism: ceramic bearing,
15mm spindle - carbon tube, 363 gr.
26. wheel rear: lew racing PRO VT-1 rim, 20 spokes (3 flange) and hub
made with graphite/boron composite, tune hub mechanism: ceramic bearing, 15mm spindle - carbon tube 490 gr.
27. handlebar tape: cork custom 35 gr.
bar tape plugs: schmolke carbon 4 gr.

Total weight: 4367 gr.

Peter Z.
1 addict rear side 4367gr.jpg
2 addict right side 4367gr.jpg
4 addict on scale 4360gram.jpg
6 addict frame 712 gram.jpg
addict bb.jpg
addict front headtube.jpg
addict head tube.jpg
addict RD 2.jpg
addict rear hub.jpg
addict THM.jpg
addict 3947 gr

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by majklnajt

Welcome Peter! :welcome:

Nice stealthy ride you`ve got there! And light of course! ;)
I think you just made a bunch of people jealous ;)

A real punch right in the first post!!! :beerchug:
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by KB

That's a very impressive entrance. Often these very light bikes look ugly, but you have nailed it in the looks stakes as well.


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by gumgardner

Awesome Peter. Do you ride the tufo's or is it just for 'show'?

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by micky

Very nice but this build would deserve a bigger picture!!

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by mythical

It seems there's a new BikeVader in town! :mrgreen: Excellent tuning job, Peter! :thumbup:

How does it ride downhill though?
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by Robroyski

nice bike ( ladny rower) :wink:

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by gumgardner

How did you get your shift levers so light? Mine are around 330g and I've sanded the hell out of them. I can't imagine the BTP hoods dropping that much weight. I need your secret :wink:

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by peter43z


Thanks for posts! :thumbup:

I not only look for this bike, I ride on it 50-150km; 28-35km/h.

I ride a tufos Jet a 1 year, they are ok.

Shift lever secret:
naked Campa 258g + Campa hoodz 52g + Campa clamps 24g = 334g
naked Campa 258g + BTP hoodz 27g + Campa clamps 9g = 294g

Downhill ride? Not problem, I rode many times 60-70 km/h.


ergopower 2011year 334gr.jpg
addict 3947 gr

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by odin99

welcome. that's an impressive build. if this is your lightest bike - now, what's your heaviest bike?

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

:welcome: to WWs Peter.

That is a very, very impressive way to make an entrance on WW! :unbelievable:

Tell us more about the way it rides, because I am not certain there are any comments that can be made on the weight of that bike...
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by prendrefeu

Welcome to Weight Weenies!

Yes, please tell us more.
You have our attention!

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by peter43z


Thank you for your interest my addict.

I like stealth desing and addict is built like this: black/dark/shadow/stealth, night fighter F117, SR71Blackbird.

I 40 years old, 183cm, 69-71kg weight.

I was a sportsman:
-runner: 17years age 1min32sec personal record,
-triathlete: 1998y in Roth Germany Ironman time: 9h50min
-Zofingen Powerman Duathlon Long Distance World Championschips - place 74 generall.

Always fascinated by technology of road racing bikes.

I started in 90'ths from 8speed Dura Ace, by german alu Musing RIO; 26" GT Vengeance aero triathlon machine,cannondale CAAD3,
Look KG296;
Now i have too: 2004y first model scottCR1 Team Issue with Campa superrecord 2009y, look HSC4sl, THMcrankset, Lightweight STD II, WCS; canyon CF SLX witch campa record10speed/superrecord, WCS, Campa BORAcult wheelset.
I will send pict. next time.

In Poland is evening and tomorrow early I work. I go to bed.
Good Night.

Stay tuned.

Sorry for my english. I will write soon.

Peter Z.
addict 3947 gr

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by ash1

By far the best bike i have seen on ww :welcome: and well done :thumbup:

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by Discoverspeed

Incredible build. Worthy to be an announcement :thumbup:

Super parts and detailing - BTP hoods, Zeus stem etc.

Very nice geometry and setup. Uberlight but definitely made for racing (and 20% inclines!)

Well done! Well done!
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