17.74 lbs lilac roadie!

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by Weenie

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by sirshan

WOW - first one I have seen in that color. Looks great...thats actually the color I went with for my order.

I have search every damn website and have yet to find a Lavender one in a Road Version and this is the first. Cant wait to build mine...

Looking good. :beerchug:

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by prendrefeu


OH man, you've just added "Lilac" as the second color on my list of desired dream frames!

That's stellar. When you get a chance, could you take some proper photos of it to really highlight the build and the paint job? The initial photos are a bit washed out (with the exception of the picture from the rear).
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by Scottybee

Absolutely luscious!

One quibble though, the glossy and perforated handlebar tape is too... Complicated. It's an attention grabber
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by etownfwd

Before I die I will own a Speedvagen or Vanilla bike, and this bike just affirmed that for me.

That is one gorgeous bike!


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by ty-ro


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by andyindo

Awesome!!! So is the ride as good as the hype?

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by Roobay

nice :mrgreen:
but is this for a lady rider? :roll:
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by StefanR

great frame. dont like the colour schnick schnack.

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by deltasierra

Different housing color ruins it. Otherwise quite nice!

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by bobsled

Bummer, I can't see the pictures.

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by sirshan

Roobay wrote:nice :mrgreen:
but is this for a lady rider? :roll:

It could be...probably not...but if you knew about SpeedVagens...only 3 colors available + the Surprise Me for their runs. White, Army Green, Lavender, and SM for 2011. I went for the Lavender as well - different and just sick looking. Just waiting for the frame to arrive. Probably another month or two Im hoping.

For a SpeedVagen...why roll something a bit blah..."Lilac" was a great choice. If I was in the 2012 list, I would go with the Pank one. Cant complain...looks good in Lavender.

by Weenie

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by reggiebaseball

I am trying to decide, do I like the spanky black stem you have on there, or do I prefer the custom painted one, like here:
http://www.wooljersey.com/gallery/main. ... mId=395638

Your stem looks meaner, tougher, and more businesslike in black, but the painted stem looks more "custom" and is certainly more unusual than a black thompson.

I am thinking aloud as I contemplate ordering my own frame.

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