Look 585 Ultra. My first Weenie.

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by irf3

Hi all,

I've been a reader and occasional poster on this forum for about a year now. I had an Aerocat R505 with 105 on it that was stolen. So, I got a nice chunk of insurance money to blow on a new ride. Here's the result. A big thanks to everyone on the forum that helped me out with my decisions on frame, groupo, wheels, etc.

Here's the build list:

Frame: Look 585 Ultra Small
Wheels: Williams System 19
Skewers: Stock Williams Skewers
Saddle: Fizik Arione Kium
Seatpost: 3t Team Dorico
Handlebars: 3t Rotundo Pro 42cm
Stem: 3t Team 110mm
Cages: Alpha Q Prolite
Bar Tape: Fizik Microtex
Groupo: 2011 Campagnolo Chorus
Computer: Cateye Double Wireless
Pedals: Look Keo 2 Max

Sorry for the junky pictures, don't have much of a camera. I don't have a weight yet but I'm working on it. Just don't have a scale yet, rookie weenie mistake.


Here it is:
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by Peter_E

Great looking look!

by Weenie

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by Michel

very nice look :thumbup:
the parts are matching the design perfectly!

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by btompkins0112

WOW......Great looking machine! I love that frame......one of my all time favorites.

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by GT56

Looking good

I am not quite with you on the position of the handlebar though........

Turn it so that the horizontal part of the drops are exactly that, (or slightly tilted down) and the levers up (that should leave them in just about the same poswition as now

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by coloclimber

:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
One of the best classic balanced bikes. great build. Enjoy and keep it forever.
-Deacon Doctor Colorado Slim

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by Greenduck

Very nice! 585 Ultra and Colnago EP/EPS frames are some of the best looking frames in my opinion. Looks like a great build and a good choice of components.
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by sawyer


i have one myself and love it. one of the greats.
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by rico

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I miss my 585. This looks stunning, but I agree that the position of the bars seems odd. It is a personal thing, but you seem to have the levers mounted too low so that the whole bar has to be rotated upwards for it to feel normal...

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by bmCube

Nice bike, colourbalance is good. I think that your saddle is rotated a little to the left.

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by Westifer12

Great looking bike! I can't get enough of lugged carbon bikes
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by 5Nm

your bars need to be rotated down, and your hoods need to come up more. the flats of the bars should be way more parallel to the ground.
you should also fabricate a rack mount to attach your # to your bike(brake). that and you shouldent ride with your #if your not in the race at that very moment. (race over then # goes bye bye)
other wise great setup.
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by Weenie

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