CAAD10 Incycle colors

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by Nadler

Hello Weenies!

I'm a 17 year old from the Chicagoland area and decided to finally build up my own bike. I haven't made it to my LBS to weigh it with the race wheels yet but hopefully will soon.

Build List:
Zipp SCSL seatpost and stem
FSA WPC 42cm handlebar
SRAM Force RD, FD, Shifters and Brakes
SRAM Force BB30 crank w/ Red Black Outer ring
SRAM Tacky Bar Tape
Tioga Spyder Twin Tail (Has yet to break)
LOOK Keo Carbon Blade Cromo pedals
KMC x10 SL chain
Shimano Ultegra 15-25 Junior cassette
Zipp 404 Beyond Black Tubs w/ Zipp tires





I would eventually like to add a Hollowgram crankset, cut off the extra steerer, and maybe go back to Lizard skins tape depending on how the SRAM stuff feels.
Other than that...any opinions or suggestions would be much appreciated!

by Weenie

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by prendrefeu

So how'd you get an InCycle frameset way out in Chicago?
InCycle is a Souther California (local) chain of shops.
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by Nadler

I actually saw a post on this forum from system787 about how the shop might be willing to sell frames to people located outside of California. I ended up contacting the shop and they still had a frame in my size and were willing to ship it out. It ended up working out perfectly because I had just sold my Trek Madone a few days earlier.

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by system787


Enjoy :D

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Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez
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by Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez

Nice frame, nice paint, nice build,

No doubt you will enjoy it,

Though not sure I'd like to wear the name of a LBS on my bike unless he deserves it :smartass:

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by nathanong87

incycle, good shop good peoples! i like this scheme

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by wasabi1

Nice! Great to see the caad10 in different colours.

Anymore photos?

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by oreoboreo

I have seen Super 6 frames on the Bay several times posted by InCycle. Most of the time there are several at a time, looks like team bikes that are being sold at the end of the season
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by artray

Looks great , :thumbup: forks look look awesome in that colour :thumbup:

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by djconnel

Very nice! Cool saddle.

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by Nadler

Thanks for all the comments! I will try to upload some better pics soon.
Also, the saddle doesn't just look great, it's also super comfortable (at least for me)

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by kgt

Great color!
Cut the steerer, level the saddle, remove the wheel decals and you 're ready to go. :thumbup:

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by system787

Some of my coworkers actually hate the color scheme. They find it ugly. I like it much more than stock offerings other than black on black.

by Weenie

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by Y26

Looking good. Any more photos as I can only see the first one.

Sent you a pm already. Thx. :mrgreen:

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