Nakagawa prominence - work in progress !

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by caballero

Here's my new custom built nakagawa prominence.
Spirit tubes. Max fork. Custom stem. 9000 group. Dura ace thread less headset. Mandibles. Aliante carbon.

Am waiting on a deda superzero post. Sram red gxp sanded crank. Ee brakes to complete the build.

Also ordering tune mig. Mag. Hubs. Cx ray. Archetype. But I'm not sure on hub color, only no black/silver. I'm thinking purple or blue ? What do you think ?

Btw sorry for the bad pic. New ones on completion !


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by kgt

Sorry to dissapoint you but black is the only wise choise.

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by fa63

I agree, black (or silver).

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by motormouth

how accurate is the color in the photo of the bike? looks like a creamy pink color. I would say pink ano would look best, second being purple. stay away from the baby blue though.

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by caballero


This is maybe a more accurate pic of the color.

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by Stolichnaya

Is white not an option with Tune? Green might really pop too. But white or silver seem most appealing.

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by weeracerweenie

If you want purple or blue, dont pay attention to us, personally id go black, but your the one that rides it everyday! thats a totally rad bike man!
I guess there's worse hobbies than making a bike light? Right?

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by micky

Nakagawa is one of the finest japanese builders!
Nice bike!
And I would go with black as well, just for avoid adding too many colors on the bike.

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by johannes23

I'd change the bartape into white and though there are some small green accents on the frame, replace the green tires for gum walls. I agree with Micky: avoid adding too many colors on the bike. The frame doesn't need it, it's a beauty by itself!

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by Franklin

johannes23 wrote:replace the green tires for gum walls.

First ride those green ones to pieces. No reason to throw out perfectly good tires :mrgreen:

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by Wingnut

Nice bike...may I ask is that a 1" headset or 1 1/8"?
"It's not the's the ride!"

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by caballero

It's a 1inch head tube.

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by Cheers!

I say go with whatever color you want. Don't be boring like everyone else.

Get a color wheel off of google and look at what corresponding colors go well. The blue and tune hubs are not that bright/light in person. I has a pair of blue and tune hubs before on abbike that was stolen. It didn't have the same pop effect as the pic you have posted.

The purple is close to the old school 3D Violet like the early 90s MTB. I have one on one of my bikes as a headset.

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