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by SirEddy

Well, it took a couple of weeks to get all the parts together, but my Isaac Impulse is finally built. I did my first short ride today, and so far so good, but I'll reserve judgement until, I have some more miles under the belt.

It came in at under 7kgs (my goal). Build consisted of

Isaac Impulse Frame 60cm 1095g
Isaac Fork (no expander nut) 380g
FSA hiddenset 54g
Record shifters 326g
Record rear der 189g
Record front der 69g
Dura Ace cranks (177.5) 776g
Zero Gravity Ti Brakes 185g
Speedplay X2 pedals 190g
Record Ultra chain 258g
Campagnolo Eurus wheelset 1600g
Cycle Dynamics cassette 165g
Michelin Pro Race Tires 420g
Schwalbe ultralight tubes 130g
Tune AC14 skewers 51g
EC90 seatpost 166g
SLR seat 138g
Thomson X2 Stem (130mm) 152g
Kestrel 31.8 SL bar (44c/c) 198g
Tune Wasserträger cages 18g
Cinelli tape 45g
Cables and housing 180g
Computer VDO 52g
Headset spacers 5g
Total 6836g

One or two weights may be a little off, but I weighed most parts before assembling, and the total weight is within 50g on my digital scale.

The only thing I'd like to change is obviously the wheelset. I'm hoping to buy either the new Rolf Carbons, which are from right here in Eugene, Oregon. Alternatives would be the Zipp 404's or Reynolds Stratus tubulars. Any of these options should knock another 300g off the total weight, plus whatever savings I get from going to tubulars.

I think it's a pretty sensible build, with nothing to silly light, for my 195 pounds (89kg). The longer cranks, and Thomson Stem are examples of weight being of secondary importance.

What do others think. What would you have done differently?

Thanks for looking
Long live long rides

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by saletel

just like my favorite mag. looks good

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by tcr

Nice bike! :D

However personally I would continue with the campy theme and go with record 177.5 alloy cranks.... I'm not keen on shimano/campy mixing.

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by Pantani

Just courious to know if you actually weighed the frame - 1096g seems very light in a size 60 for that particular frame.

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by SirEddy

Thanks for the replies. As far as the crankset goes, if Stronglight, pulsions, or Campy carbon's were available in longer lengths I would have been tempted, but I'm very wary of ISIS bb's and wanted a super stiff set up.

I did weigh the frame. Isaac quotes 1060 in 56cm size, so only 46g more for the 60cm is less than I expected.
Long live long rides

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