Paolo Moreni - Sicario TT

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by tabmaster




I'm off to Belgium for De Panne & De Ronde shortly, so I look forward to all your comments!

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by Pantani

Very nicely done.
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by Geoff

That's nice...

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by Westifer12

Looks great :thumbup:
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by superleggera

Nice Bike! What are your thoughts on the saddle? Similar to the Antares in shape?

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by NapD

Frame looks like one of these, which I fancy buying, what are your thoughts on the frame? ... 522wt_1165

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by miltmaster3

wow my man ! :thumbup:
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Fred from Jupiter
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by Fred from Jupiter

Lovely build. The bike looks absolutely fast.

Tell us something about the frame, please. Is it from carbonzone?

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by prendrefeu

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by Hibbs

You've probably upset him by telling him the beautiful Paolo Moreni frame he probably bought for $1.5k+ and was extremely proud of is a generic carbon frame you can get on ebay for $600.

Great colour scheme and nice italian branding. Lovely.

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by eurperg

Beautiful and fast looking bike, but I must admit that my feelings went down after seeing the similar generic eBay frame...

Who is Paolo Moreni anyway?

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by micky

I'm building the same frame for a friend.
Quiet nice result you've got. :thumbup:

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