Cannondale CAAD9 Ultegra 6700

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by Carvers

The SystemSix has long gone, but the new build is finally complete! Has been built up from the original Tiagra version of the bike so quite a transformation.

Build list:
CAAD9 frame, 56cm in Liquigas colours
Cannondale Si full carbon forks
Ultegra 6700 shifters, RD, FD (incl KCNC braze on clamp), brake calipers (with Swissstop green pads) and cables
Rotor 3D chainset with Stronglight CT2 chainrings (52/36)
Dura Ace 7800 hubs on Mavic Open Pro Ceramics, with Conti Gatorskins
USE Race stem (110mm)
3T Ergonova Pro bars (42cm) and Lizard Skins DSP Race bartape
USE Alien carbon seatpost (27.2) and KCNC seatpost clamp
Fizik Arione Vs saddle

Weight is 8.2kg so not a weight weenie by any means but I wanted a "solid" build and I think that it is exactly that on all it rides amazingly, from short-hop commute runs to Surrey jaunts I can't recommend this frameset enough, especially with the hard-to-find Si forks


Cheers for looking!


by Weenie

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by Rumsas

i love everything but the Shimano, lovely bike...

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by yongkun

quite porky, thought the weight was gonna be sub 8 based on your build list. but it looks awesome.

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by dcj9

a caad9 build earns respect and status, without spending stupid money. this is another cool bike.

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by majklnajt

Looks nice!!

Are those tubular rims? They look top class!!

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by finner

Looks good, a no nonsense machine. Love the wheels. Can you tell us about the saddle? were you on the previous Arione and how do they compare?

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by jvanaren

Nice build. I have an 07 Caad9 2 which had ultegra originally. It now has dura-ace, mavik kysrium ES rims, and easton slx fork. I think it weighs about 16 lb w/o pedals.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete


Good solid build.

I am also partial to traditional wheelsets that can be depended on.

Now, where do you plan to begin to cut the weight? :twisted:
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by Carvers

Rims are Open Pro Ceramic clinchers, a recommendation from Rich-Ti and they are just brilliant. Superb stopping power and, despite being probably the main culprit for the bike's weight (32 spoked too) the do roll fantastically. Compared to the Fulcrum Racing 3's that I had on previously they do take a bit more effort to get up to speed but it's not enough to take away from the ride and that braking power.

As for the saddle, I did have the standard Arione before the Vs and I can safely say I won't be going back. It may look like just a gimmik but the recessed channel really does work and I've not had an issue with it since I've had they say about good saddles, I've barely noticed it, so that's good enough for me.

Now, on to the weight-loss programme, am not really too sure where to go here. I do have a CK bb to be fitted (currently the, ahem, Tiagra one on there :oops: ), and also will get round to getting some lighter weight tires/tubes (I've had 1 puncture in 3 years on the Gators so it's been tough for me to change there!) but I don't see that those changes will do too much other than get a smidge closer to 8kg.

Happy with her how she is for now (with the CK switch) so will stick with it for a bit before anything too drastic :D

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by jsinclair

Can you name anywhere that still has open pro ceramics in stock? I've been looking for a pair for a few months with no luck.

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by horse


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by Kastrup

It was my understanding that you couldn't run rotor with Shimano BBs, have i gotten it all wrong?

On topic: Very nice bike! I too, have just built a set of OP ceramics on 7800 hubs and i like them very much!
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by Weenie

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by RichTheRoadie

Kastrup wrote:It was my understanding that you couldn't run rotor with Shimano BBs, have i gotten it all wrong?

In a word, yes. You can't run a Rotor 3D+ with a standard Shimano BB, but the rest of the range (3D and Agilis) are fine.

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