2011 Parlee Z1 build

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by incognitus

My first road bike (coming from MTBs):


Frame: Parlee Z1 55cm (with ENVE Fork)
Headset: Chris King Sotto Voce
Complete Gruppo: Campagnolo Super Record 2011
Saddle: Fizik Antares 00 Carbon Braided
Seatpost: 3T Dorico LTD
Stem: 3T ARX LTD 110mm
Handelbar: 3T Ergosum LTD
Wheels: 2011 Lightweight Standard III Tubular
Tires: Continental Competition Tubular
Pedals: 2011 Look KEO Blade Carbon Ti

Weight incl. everything: 13.82 lbs / 6.26 kg

Did my first ride on it today - have not ridden a road bike in a decade. Love it - speed/handling is fantastic. I just have to get used to the comparatively very weak brakes, and change my habit of smashing through potholes and over curbs when riding on roads :)
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by gumgardner

What a way to start back riding :thumbup:

by Weenie

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by NealH

You done good! It may have been expensive but skipping the bike/build iterations a typical cyclist goes through will end up costing you less in the long run.

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by saroadie

Beautiful build. That's getting back onto the road in style.
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by incognitus

Thanks for the replies!

@NealH - I know what you are talking about...leaned that in my MTB times. Having said that, the constant upgrading and re-building is in itself a nice hobby :-)

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by xiaobenbena

sex,looks like black silk stockings :oops:

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by 2ndgen

Same here. Came from MTBing myself.
Outstanding build on that Parlee.
All the right bits from the get go!
Very nice!

This is pretty much the identical cockpit (or I might go with Zipp) I have set my sights on too:
Saddle: Fizik Antares 00 Carbon Braided
Seatpost: 3T Dorico LTD
Stem: 3T ARX LTD 110mm
Handelbar: 3T Ergosum LTD

BTW...I have an 8 year old mint Gary Fisher Sugar 4+ I've already started to weenie.
I had no intention on doing so, but with relatively little coin, I can get her into the 25-26lb range
(again, that's for an 8 year old Al framed rig that came in at 29lbs OEM which even today is respectable).

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by Echo

WOW! Thats quite the first road bike! Visually stunning and I'm sure it rides even better than it looks!

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by LouisN

Great bike !!! Love those Parlees :beerchug: ...

...And, what a sleek garage finish you have :shock: ..... :lol:


Louis :)

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by kgt

Nice photo also

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by kac

Very slick and elegant photography, too! Have fun with it (I'm certain that you will)!


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by dgasmd

Gorgeous bike. Hope you enjoy it. :thumbup:

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by incognitus

Thanks for all your great feedback!

@2ndgen: Yep, that sounds like a 100% identical cockpit. I have used 3T carbon bars and stems on my MTBs in the past an never had any problems or breakage - plus, they have a rather subtle look which I like. Love them :thumbup: Good job on the Gary Fisher - I got my BMC Fourstroke to 20.5 lbs but it just would not go below that (w/o getting silly - I still ride my bikes) -> hello road bikes :-)

@LouisN: Haha, that's not my garage (whish it were though...) - its some random place here in NYC (see pic below)

@kgr, kac: Regarding the photo - thanks for the appreciation. This was really just a lucky shot that I made on my first ride with the bike, just a few minutes before sunset with very glaring, oddly yellowish light illuminating this spot and creating these hard shadows. I took the freedom to change the white balance, reduce the color saturation and increase the contrast of the photo in the OP, just for a little dramatic effect (the pic below shows the original light/colors of the situation more accurately).


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by elviento

Wish my first road bike had LWs, SR and 3T Ltds. Not too shabby at all.

BTW, anyone know anything about the "shiny" UD carbon? I ask because most UD carbon is just a dull black but Parlee seems to have the shiny type which does look much nicer.
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by 2011

Parlee uses a wax on their frames. I'm not sure of the exact brand of wax, but I've had equal results with car body wax made for composite/plastics.

by Weenie

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