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by jdp211

Been lurking for a little while and just built up my new bike today so figured I'd share.
No pictures yet as I'm waiting on a new set of hoods, but super stoked on the bike.

Frameset: Supersix hi mod Liquigas
Groupset: Sram Red
Bars: 3T Ergosum team
Stem: 3T Arx team 90mm
Seatpost: 3T Dorico Team
Saddle: Tune Kom Vor
Wheels: Easton EA90 aero with yellow veloplugs
Tires: Continental GP4000s
Pedals: Speedplay Zero Ti Team Green
Cages: Profile Designs Elite carbon Kage
Tape: Profile Shockwrap

Total weight was 6.8 kg (15.04 lbs) with cages and pedals but without a computer on the scale at the shop and I'd like to bring it below 15 pounds without spending crazy money. I'm probably going to cut a bit off of my seatpost seeing as its in twice the minimum insertion, and at some point get a new wheelset, but I'm tapped out so to speak at the moment.

Rained today so holding off on a first ride and I cannot wait.

Edited with pictures
Rode it for the first time today and its absolutely fantastic. Pretty good for a first road bike, no?
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by Mr.Gib

The only thing to do if you want to lose some weight is wheels. You can goof around with lighter tires/ tubes, even a lighter set of clinchers, etc. but carbon tubulars is the best way to make a big difference. If the budget doesn't allow this then just enjoy it as is for now. Super nice set up overall.
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by Powerful Pete

Congrats. But please do post some pics of the finished bike... and a new wheelset is a good place to lose weight...
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by jdp211

Matching green soft touch hudz should be here on Friday hopefully when I'll take pictures.

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by jdp211

Hoods are on and pics posted in OP

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by 743power

the position of the bars/levers looks like it will feel really awkward
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by eigner

Great looking bike, but why is your handlebars positioned in that very strange way? same goes for shifters :?

And the green hoods must go. They really dont fit there.

Other than that I really like your bike
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by jdp211

Thanks guys, regarding the handlebars, I don't really have much of a basis for where I should position them. I guess getting the hoods a bit more level is a start but any recommendations?

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by Junior Varsity

I assume from your comments that you're not sure about fitting, position,, ect? Maybe look into having someone take care of that. I know some people fit differently but that set up looks particularly odd. Could be what works but I'm just saying...
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by em3


From the setup it appears you may have a short torso and reach and long legs. So, I will also suggest you try a zero setback seat post, and if you want a bit more balance on the front end try shorter reach bars (e.g. Easton SLX3 or Deda Zero 100, both at about 75mm, compared to the 89mm reach on your 3T Ergosum bars). This will allow you to use at least a 100mm or 110mm stem as opposed to the stubby 90mm you currently have. Yet, the best advice is what is listed above...get some professional fitting advise so you can enjoy your new awesome ride.

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by KickSix

Nice build! What frame size is it? I've got a 58cm frameset coming in a week or two. If I can get it down to 15lbs I'll be very happy.

I agree with others, get the hoods level or even tilted up a little. You'll probably need to rotate the bars down to do that. Whatever feels comfortable. The way it looks now it seems that your wrists will be rotated forward which could be uncomfortable. I've got

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by bencolem

Looks like an inline post is in need.

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by jdp211

I've been playing with the hood placement on the bars a bit and trying to find an optimal position. And a zero setback post was ordered today and should be here later this week.
Frame size is a 54

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by Kermithimself

So nice. Did you order it as a frameset, or as a complete bike?
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by jdp211

As a frameset. Was originally going to do the same build on a CAAD9 frame, but a deal came along on the supersix that was too good to pass up. I'm certainly happy it turned out as it did.

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