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by TimW

Prefer it with the Bora decals, don't do it :lol:

by Weenie

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by majklnajt

I like it both, with or no decals :thumbup:

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by rouleur85

Stem cap is awesome.

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by wisgliebau

Looks better with the decals - keep 'em on! Without the decals it'll look like it's a run-of-the-mill weight weenie from anything more than ten feet away. The Boras give it style.


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by Lafolie

This is a real mouth-watering bike. Well done my friend, it looks stunning! The Matte black colour frame along with the bars and stem really sets it off. Best wishes!

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by grid256

No doubt, this is a vicious murder weapon. And +1 on the Campy seat clamp.

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by Lig

That looks absolutely spot on! Man size too... Its superb... A job very very well done!!


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by jonm

Absolutely marvellous 8)

Congratulations on a wonderful build. Have you seen A bike this good deserves some really nice barwrap, and the handlebra stuff is superb.

Ride safe and look forward to more photos!


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by elviento

Exquisite is the word that came to mind. Well done.

Just for pure meditation purposes, I am also wondering what the bike would look like if it was 1-2cm smaller with a -8 degree stem and no spacers (and a bit more seatpost showing)?
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by jmilliron

Very, very classy. Well done.
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by TOflat

Such a gorgeous bike. Makes me want to redo my all italian buildup.

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by Calnago

Wow... so many favorable comments. Thank you all. I'm very pleased with this build for sure. Sometime over the next few days I will take the time to explain my thought process during the build, regaridng sizing, etc. Why Traditional versus sloping. why the stem is where it is, etc. I'll try to address any questions that I see in the comments. Every detail was taken into account way back before I even ordered the frame. And it worked. I already had the Boras, but they don't always work with certain frames. I happen to believe they are the sexiest wheels out there, but they can't just be slapped on any build and have them "work". In some ways, I was actually looking for a frame to showcase the wheels as much as the other way around. Anwyay, I will discuss more later. And there's a couple of small items that havent' yet arrived which, while small, give it that little extra touch. Also, the bar tape seems to be the main area where different ideas have come up. And I had those same thoughts. I now happen to think that the plain black tape would be better on this build but wanted to try the logo'd version just to see how it would look. I chose the Microtex softouch for it's kind of matted soft texture... thought it suited the frame and I just wanted to try it out. I've used the regular Fizik tape for a while and really like it. And I chose the logo'd version of it because some time ago I saw a matte black EPS with subtler wheels and the logo'd tape. I liked that it gave the bike a little more "interest' in the front end rather than just all black. But with the bits of red I have going on and the "loudness" of the Boras I think just plain black tape would suit this build a bit better. Tape is cheap, so I may just rip it off and change it before any more pics.

Once again, thanks for all your positive responses.

I'll post more soon... and give credit to a few bikes on here that I too have found inspiring.
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by kgt

Why not Veloflex or Vittoria tubulars? That would strengthen the superitalian concept :wink:

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by LardLover

That's one lush C59 8)

Also, I think I may have to 'copy' your 3T ARX stem, I was wondering how to remove the red strip and now you've told and shown me :thumbup:
Schnice :cool:

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by colnagoc40

Very beautiful bike :thumbup: :thumbup:

by Weenie

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