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by g_doraz

At long last. A C59 with traditional/non-sloping geometry. You win.
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by bradipo

great look in traditional geometry! Very beautiful bike!

by Weenie

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by jblande

that is pretty close to perfect.
(fizik tape :| )

however: very very well done.
:beerchug: :beerchug:

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by Montana

WOW - excellent choice of components! perfect build! :thumbup:

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by banik

Nice bike and beautiful pics :thumbup:

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by kgt

Traditional is always better
Congrats :thumbup:

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by Roobay

fabulous presentation Calnago! :thumbup:
looks like my EPS in MTBK :mrgreen: with the Boras on.
Nice touch with the C59 Italia cap
Its nice to see a C59 in a traditional geometry
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by majklnajt

This frame would also go well with Dura-Ace groupset, DA C50 wheels, pedals.....
Shame that DA hubs dont have the same design as the groupset.
Wheels have similar fonts as the ones on the top tube.

I am still looking at the bike. Its perfect in my eyes! :thumbup:

Edit: I meant those wheels.

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by CrazyErrol

At was worth the wait.

I'll start by saying I'm not into black/red/white bikes. Way too many around. It's the red mainly.

However I'll follow that by saying that you've totally nailed it here. Definitely my favourite c59 so far. I take back what I said about matte frames and slopers, this is lovely.

As a common opinion only bartape would change for me for black microtex.

Nice one, look forward to some ride reports to whet my appetite over the coming months.

Damjan, if you can wait for a bit I will be able to give you all the answers you need regarding measurements of a horizontal c59 for our size. What do you want to know?

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by eurperg

Looks really good! Classy components and a classic fit.

In theory you could get rid of some spacers with a -6° stem, but I actually prefer the way it looks with -17°. The stem angle aligns nicely with the top tube.

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by TimW

Nice! Love the headset cap, great touch. Traditional frame and modern looking, good combo. One day I'm determined to get some Boras too!

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by KB

Looks great. Similar to one I did a couple of years ago before it got stolen. I would have had plain black bar tape and no wheel stickers, but very difficult to fault. Enjoy.

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by majklnajt

Hey, KB is back :welcome:

Heres a pic without decals...

Edit: click on the pic to get it bigger.
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by KB

Cheers mate for the up close pic. Looks even yummier now. Love it.

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by rajMAN

Fantastic looking C59 and love the horizontal top tube which looks far better IMHO. The pic on the jetty made me nervous though! :)

by Weenie

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