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by dcj9

Hi all

don't see too many of these on the forum so i am happy to share these images. the frame arrived today in the post. it is a stock 56 size, weight is around 1850gms.

first impression is the absolutely perfect quality and precision of the metal and how thin it is. the welds disappear and all the cuts are smooth and perfectly shaped, like it couldn't be made with someones hands :shock:

i really hope you like the pics. not sure how this is going to be built-up. probably campag 11 speed. definitely tubs - probably FMB to start with. i am really going to take my time with this build as there is no rush since the weather is crap in the UK.

I really like parlee and crumpton hand builds so maybe one day i will own one of those but for now, this should be the ticket, along with a restoration trek 5200 i posted in november

ideas for builds appreciated. its no weightweenie though.


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by lcoolb

The frame construction is impeccable but ehmmm, i know this is akin to heresy, but i think the paintjob is ugly :oops: (ducks for cover...)
Still, looking forward to see it built up, perhaps I'll change my opinion :wink: Somehow I think this will look good with deep carbon rims (or am I really applying for the guillotine now?)

by Weenie

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by Roobay

Not Darios best paint job....
Even so I still think once built it will turn from an ugly duckling into a Swan
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by kgt

...too much but...still unique

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by skouri1

I'm sure the frame looks different in person/sunlight. Even if it doesn't, I think it is still exceptional and interesting. I would trust Dario's aesthetic sensibilities--he's an artist and artisan. I'm sure this will build up beautifully.

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by Gregorio

I love it.
It is like a Picasso of the cycling world.
I would love to have something like that. Campagnolo with black saddle and bar tape would look awesome IMO.

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by xpert

Superb, i love crazy paint jobs, this one is one of the most artistic that i ve seen ...

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by record

I'm pretty sure it does look completely diffferent in person and in a sunlight. The colors along with finish quality must look beautiful when you look closer. I'd put every part black here to make the frame stand out and not mix more colors. Nice frame, good luck with this build :thumbup:
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by are

Awesome! I usually don't like the crazy paint jobs, but that looks great.

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by currieinahurry

I think it's looks a mess put Microsoft on there don't abuse campagnolo shimano or even SRAM

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by skouri1

I agree that the frame must be featured by understated components...
Personally, I think an all alloy Athena groupset would look awesome with it. I would play up the theme of classic materials and modern technology. Although, it might be difficult to put a lower tier group on such an incredible frame.

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by giantdale

I too love this paint job! Allways special, these Pegorettis!

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by kytyree

I love it, I'm not sure the current "red" decals on some of Campy's line would look good on it but any of the previous generation of 11spd bits would be great. Congrats, enjoy your frame, I'd love to have one.

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by prendrefeu

The paint job itself is actually quite interesting and beautiful, but I believe too many people here fell for the poor photography as an indicator.

Once this is built up, please consider having a semi- or full professional photographer document it. Really.
Only then will these fools be convinced.
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Captain Fuzz
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by Captain Fuzz

Hard to say without the parts on this one. like above, i would go with plain looking bits, i.e. stay away from rambler style.
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by Weenie

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