Mr. Black - 5kg Budget Build (New Pics Pg.6)

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by CarpetFibre

Sweet ride, I bet that's fun to ride. You should get some benotto bartape on that baby!

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by IcedHalo

Fantastic bike, that's a really light build!

I'm wondering what happened to the rear derailleur hanger? Did you just bend it back into place? Or did you get a new hanger fitted?


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by shyeoh

Did you acually drill the front FD?

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by el_duque

Comanche thanks for the thread, very well done.
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by JensW

how did you remove logos on the rear mech?

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by kgt


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by Stockie

That is one very nice build sir.
What paint is that on the frame and fork? It seems like matte, but is also a bit glossy…?
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by andreszucs

I vote for ZIPP vumaquad Crankset. I'll shave a least 60g or more :thumbup:

75.5g less in this case....check it out:
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by andreszucs

Comanche_man wrote:djconnel:
At this point of the build with some items coming in over claimed weight and not using downtube shifters I will have to admit defeat with the goal of 5.0kg and have to settle for sub 5.1kg for the first build. Maybe later I will find a deal on a lighter fork and maybe do a glamor pose with some Tufo's to hit the weight, for now I will live with it. I am done buying parts for a little while and now just need to assemble and ride it. While I am for sure going to miss my goal on the weight, I can't feel too bad since my total money spent is $2612.12. Not too bad if I say so.

If you are talking about the nuts that hold the brakes onto the bike, the ones that are in the picture are aluminum, sadly. The only thing I can think of is that yellow swiss stops are heavier than the stock pads and the rest of the brake has a little extra material here and there.

Here are some of the final parts which includes more stuff that came in over claimed weight :cry:

KMC X10SL - links removed (232g) I am a little sad about this since I have seen this chain pictured on weight weenies lighter than mine without any links removed.

Some overweight Sram stuff and my attempt to fix it.
Sram Red Shifters Stock (294g) Kinda sad that to get them to claimed weight I would have to get BTP carbon clamps.
Stock Clamps (30g)
Modified Clamps (24g) - mods include Ti hardware and slightly lengthened slots in bands.
Tuned Sram Red shifters (288.5)

Sram Red FD Stock (70.5g)
Tuned Red FD with aluminum bolts (67.5g)

The only Red piece to come in at claimed weight.
Sram Red RD (145g)
Stock Red barrel adjuster (5.5g)
Aluminum barrel adjuster (1g)

Tuned Sram Red RD (134.5g) mods include KCNC jockey wheels, aluminum barrel adjuster, and removing excess cage material and logo removal.

Once I get the i-link housing put together I will get some pictures up of that.

Hello, first of all I really like your details...congracts on you built. I would like to ask how did you remove the logo on this derailleur, just sanding? what grade? did some painting after?

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by journeymonk

One of my favorite builds here. Tempting me to strip my R3...
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6.29 kg and dropping...

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by mannequinforce

Impressive. Incredible. Wonderful. All of the above!

Any updates on this build in the last few years?

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by ardi69gain

How is this bike today?

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