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Since this is my bike, I can write a few things about it.

It has started as sub 5kg afterwork project with Jure. There are two photos before this stage in catch all, show us your sub-6kg builds.

Parts description:

Fork is THM Scapula F, expander was shortened to 3,9g.

Headset is mix of FSA Orbit and FSA SL bearings.

A friend of mine printed me a headset. 10mm

Shifters drilled and a custom carbon clamp with ti bolts. 9g if I remember correctly.

Inhouse Berk stem/bar combo with endcaps integrated.

I made topcap. I still need to change Ti bolt for Alu.

Tesa Bartape.

Wheelset: Reynolds KOM on Tune MIG MAG hubs, not sure about spokes.

Tufo elite jet sub 160 tubulars.

Seqlite 11-26 alu cassette.

Not sure about the cables, they are black.

Powercordz, uncut 15g.

THM Clavicula Classic 110 bcd, sanded and painted matte.

Not sure about the screws, alu.

Fibre-Lyte 50/36.

THM Pf BB30 tuned

Sram red 22, alu bolts, rear Fibre-Lyte cage, carbon pulleys.

Tiso Altore, carbon front and back plate, steel bolts, waiting for black alu.

I made fd hanger.

Rd hanger, not sure what to say about it. Stock

Bottle cage Fabric cageless with extralite bolts.

Ciamillo gravitas with corima cork pads.

Speedplay x1 pedals with full ti.

J&L anti theft quick release, no springs.

Pyc hain, i don't know number of links, but lighter than kmc SL11

Air and glue.

I hope I didn't forget about something. Otherwise please ask.

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by tonchy

A piece of art!
How does it ride?
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by Kayrehn

My guess is that it rides super stiff ... High mod carbon+integrated cockpit and saddle-post+ skinny tires will make it a bumpy ride.

But who cares about confort, extreme ww is awesome

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by Berk

A photo from TARE climbing on Vršič (Slovenia)
It is in use :thumbup:
On that photo the bike was 4,1kg if I remember right, with some tuning it went <4kg.
Berk PROTO-TYPE Composites - Handmade In Slovenia
Berk Composites

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by reedplayer

fantastic bike.
as i understand it, it even could be 100-120 gr. lighter with an ax-lightnes- or 77composites-wheelset

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Berk wrote:
Sat Jan 18, 2020 12:59 pm
A photo from TARE climbing on Vršič (Slovenia)
It is in use :thumbup:
On that photo the bike was 4,1kg if I remember right, with some tuning it went <4kg.
Long ways since i saw your first frame... but always knew there will days like this, when you shook the world with surprises... until one day when i can meet you in slovenia, beerssssss :beerchug:

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by Kazyole

How do you find the tesa tape? Decently comfortable or is it a real quality of life compromise?

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