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by jever98

@TuplaO: I wouldn't call this "over servicing". At one point I was running a business unit servicing North America for a while, at times between 2 people. We made it our priority to answer emails within 24 hours, but tried to avoid phone conversations, as they took very long on average. We mostly got good feedback and it was doable - but it took a while to institute and to keep at it. Not saying we did anything extraordinary, just that it's possible.

My point is more that if you don't provide reliable communication you don't build trust. With tools as simple as a gmail inbox and a simple tracking system you can easily see which emails remain unanswered and avoid disappointment and lost business.
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by thePrince

This is how you can tell a small business is on the right path...too much demand to be handled by the namesake founder alone.

Next step is finding a resource to handle the demand.

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by AZR3

Hopefully that will help alleviate some of the issues

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by oldturd


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by Berk

Hi to all, hope I'll answer all the questions - regarding the cleracoat, all our saddles are clearcoated, and it is as resistant as any bike frame or any clearcoated carbon part.
It is possible that it scratches if riding in wet/sand, unfortunately there can't be done much here, the same goes for the leather cover. It is like any other part - with use it gets used. But if anyone faces with any problem or doubts please just drop us an email info(a) and we'll for sure take care.

Otherwise I completely agree with all the comments, I also have to admit that of course in some cases I also make mistakes, forget to make some updates, answers etc., the age of 25 I still have to learn a lot, but I have great people around me and we'll give our best to make everything as good as possible. Just to give you an idea, we are a team of 5 now, 3 guys and 2 girls, giving our best, and most of the emails/communications is still done by me (from Facebook, Instagram, emails and of course weightweenies :thumbup: ). WIth all the media and mobile phones etc. I sometimes read a message, but if I don't have the time to answer at that moment, I sometimes forget to answer, so sorry for that, if I missed anythin please just drop us an email (if no response on Instagram or Facebook, also feel free to email if you have any questions etc.)
I'll give my best to update you as much as possible. We are all working in production, I and my coworker are responsible for most of the paper work also, and then there is all the rest - we work with different other companies, faculty, etc.,..and the days soon become too short, and mistakes happen also from my side, for what I'm really sorry, but I'll give my best to take care for everything, we always give our best to have happy customers and hopefully most of our customers are happy with our work.

Some of our Lupina saddles with custom rear bridge, for a Bianchi:
..and Colnago:

A custom Berk frameset:

And our new saddle model, which will soon hit production. We made many prototpyes, tested it, and it turned out very good - a bit different philosophy of the saddle, but we really like it, we'll produce it as a padded option or full carbon. The saddle model will be called "Berk Dila" and it was also made with the help of GorjupDesign, our great friend who also already worked on our Lupina model - all our requests put into a shape





Berk PROTO-TYPE Composites - Handmade In Slovenia
Berk Composites

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by prendrefeu

Do you have an anticipated weight on the new saddle (non-padded option) ?
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by Stolichnaya

prendrefeu wrote:
Fri Mar 23, 2018 5:14 am
Do you have an anticipated weight on the new saddle (non-padded option) ?
As well as dimensions including stack height please?

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by yinya

Yes, please and some details on widths available and fit say vs. Lupina.

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by glepore

Very nice, looks like a love child of a Shimano Pro and a Power, with maybe some added flex.
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by Kayrehn

turlutu wrote:Nice to have more options for short saddles

Regular : Shimano pro stealth flat with still a bit of nose 175 gr , power s works 165 gr no nose
Ultra light : Gelu E or P and now this berk saddle
Gelu saddles seem very narrow looking at the numbers, not sure they will work well in such a shape...

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by NiFTY

Any chance of making any flatter saddle profiles (side to side) i have 3 lupina but i think they probably slope side to side too much for my pelvis which makes my pelvis rock a bit. I am retrying my previous s works toupe which is flatter and seems to work better for my pelvis shape but it is much less compliant than the lupina so any bump seems amplified. A flatter lupina maybe with a narrower nose would be ideal.
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by Gearjunkie

Nifty, what width Lupina are you using?

I too like flat saddles (current fav is Fizik Antares 00) but am lusting after a Berk saddle, considering going with a UD matte Lupina 150mm with oval rails (I'm 85kg) but concerned about the number of comments about the Lupina being flexy.

Plus also would like flat.

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by NIXvelo

I was just about to pull the trigger on a Lupina saddle... but this is making me reconsider waiting... damn! So Jure, when is this bad boy due for production? I want!

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by skyen090909

Jure is kinda helpful and getting quite promptly reply by him recently for 2units Berk list 150mm saddle. Thumbs up for small company with only 5ppls. 1st ride today ,50km. So far so good. Will try longer ride next week.

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

Berk wrote:
Thu Mar 22, 2018 10:43 pm our best...
I like your best. You’re doing great. Keep at it!

By the way, how does one order an integrated seatpost/saddle or bar/stem combo? How do we tell you exactly what specs to build up? How do we measure twice so you only glue once?!

Will riding an integrated seatpost/Lupina saddle feel the same as a non-integrated seatpost and Lupina? As I recall, the saddle to seatpost attachment with your integrated set-up is different (uses a single, center rail attachment).

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