Fast... but not light - Felt AR - 7.8kg

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by BeeSeeBee

I don't know when we all stopped weighing and listing our components, but I certainly haven't.

(Click for big)


I really like the bike thus far. I had to take a month and a half off the bike after my previous frame cracked and scrambled to get this one built up, so I'm only at about 75% of fitness, but I don't feel any slower, so the bike must be making up for it! :lol:

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by JasperGr

I really like the complete bike! Perfect build with nice details!

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by mihai

beautiful frame/bike

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by Valbrona

Well if it's darn fast I wouldn't worry about it not being particularly light. It looks very nice, in an understated kind of way.

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Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez
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by Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez

Hey BSB, that's a nice spaceship you've got there.

How do you like the Het J6? I'd like to find something modern that feels similar to early 2000s Mavic Cosmic Carbone. Heavy wheels that "wake up" above 38-40km/h.

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by BeeSeeBee

Haha, I also commute ~20 miles each way to work on it, so throw three rear lights and three front lights (well, one of each is on my helmet), so I probably do look like a slow moving UFO going down the road :lol:

I really like the HEDs, apparently they make a great wump wump sound, but apparently only noticeable from the side, as I don't hear any difference riding above them :noidea:. No harder or easier to handle than any other ~60mm rim I've ridden (Zipp 404, ENVE 6.7, older HED Stinger 60s). It's quite hilly around here, so the aluminum brake track is very much welcome even though I'm only 140lbs and have never really had a problem with braking.

GP4000S 23mm measure out to 26.5-27mm on the Hed+ rims, it's pretty awesome :) I'll probably grab a 25mm for the rear since there still seems to be plenty of clearance. The only annoying thing is that the rear hub axle ends don't have any knurling and slip in the dropouts as soon as you get out of the saddle. I added some skateboard grip tape over them as a fix, but still annoying that HED didn't see fit to add some texture (though it appears they have in the past and are now with the new black line :roll:)

Those times when you've got a nice tailwind, and everything around you is silent except for a subtle mechanical sound of the chain turning is really amazing on this bike. Humming along at 30+mph even though it feels like you're barely working makes me glad I opted for an all out aero machine.

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by Jesper64

Goto love the look of the ARs. Thanks for posting your build kit with exact weights of the 6870 components, useful for comparing if it's worthwhile the upgrade to DA.

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