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by dcj9

very classy build, like the cosmetics and the proportions look perfect. not all colnagos look as good as this one.

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by rajMAN

Beautiful build, looks the business :D

by Weenie

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by bikejunkie

Nice bike :D
great build. a Colnago I do like :thumbup:

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one of the best c`s out here :thumbup:

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by Blackwidow

Robroyski wrote:@Roobay,

I think you are right in regards to wheels..... Less stickers is better on the wheels.

I also have set of shamals ultra II and bike get's too busy with them...

@Roobay & Robroyski
+1 on this. I have an MTBK C59 on order, and even on that I think big decals take away from the beauty of this frame. I have a new set of Zipp 303's, and if I remove the decals I think they might match my MTBK frame surprisingly well...
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by Smithmi81

Lovely looking bike really do like the c59s!

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by Rich.H

Very nice indeed and c.200g lighter than my 52s GDOB with only detail changes in spec to my own build. Good job


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by MrStevennator

Great job :thumbup:

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by Robroyski


Looking at your C59 (which is perfect) I believe that the main difference in weight comes from size of the frame, pedals and Ti crankset. I was surprised how heavy steer tube cut off was.
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by Westifer12


I love the directions Colnago has gone with their graphics in the past few years.
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by rico

Please note that you lose points for (a) poncy bottle cages (I give those about a month of serious riding, even though Colnago now use normal bolt sizes) and (b) having a spacer under the stem. Yes, even one is a point deducted....

Only kidding :D . Lovely bike. Not sure about the fluoro schemes though. They could look a bit like those luminous socks people wore in the eighties after a while.

How much lighter is the Dorico than the stock Colnago post?

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by Robroyski


....spacer most likely will be gone once I have a chance to ride the bike. Based on the measurements from my old bike I do not need it, but I do not want to make a final trim before I put few km on the bike. This could be only in 3 months as we are in the middle of the winter.

Dorico is about 35g lighter then stock post, but weight was not the main driver behind using 3T. I like 3T much better and I like to use same kit for post, bars and stem. Also Colnago post offers only 15mm setback vs. 3T 25mm.

Color on the bike works with my kit from 80's like a dream :lol:

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by grid256

There will be no points deducted from this build :beerchug:

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by jonm

Great build and lovely photos too. Thanks for posting up!

Jon :D

by Weenie

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by djconnel


That's an amazing bike.

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