2012 Cipollini World Champion

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by Boon

When the 2012 cipo bikes hit the shores of Singapore, they certainly look better than in catalogue. Funny thing about this design is either you luv it or you hate it. It looks a tribike but with huge tubes all around. For me, I simply love the world champion design scheme. One thing about italian bikes, they certainly score the high in looks department same as their national debts. With Shimano Di2, this thing cost a carat. Ironically, carbon fibre and diamond share the same element <CARBON> which one appeal to women and the other to men.


As for many, the question of ride quality is impt to justify the cost. Like most pro bikes, this bike do live up expection. Stiff and aggressive ride geometry are the key points in their product development. And yes, if you are looking for these 2 points, this is the bike. Yeh..., there are plenty of cheaper/famous pro bikes does the job equally well. But surprisingly, RB1000 is amazing comfortable on your butt. I guess due to the curvature of the seat tube which dampens the road vibes. Dun think many bikes does that.

So far my rides are limited in Singapore where there no mountains where I can comment on the bike performance on climb and fast descents. So far the climbs here are OK with me. But I dare to say this bike is certainly fast on straights.

Ulitmately, Mario is a sprinter. This bike is meant for ppl like him. Though, I am not much of a sprinter, but when I push hard, the bike goes as fast you legs can push.

The workmanship is excellent. Both Frame and paintwork is done in Italy. For that, the price is premium. But if you compare with other italian bikes which make in China or Taiwan. It does make you feel better for what u pay at the end of the day.

To some of us out there, buying bike is no longer based on how good it can perform. It is more like buying a piece of art where heart rules over the sense.

At the end of day, just make sure it does not break your bank and dun tell your wife.

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by LouisN

:welcome: Boon.

...Size :shock: ... (and weight please 8) ) ?

Louis :)

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Always nice to see another Cipollini owner. Still very happy with mine. Enjoy.


Is that an xxs? Also what BB adaptor are you using for your DA?

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by markyboy

That Looks very nice,what size frame and how tall are you?
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by Geoff

That is one of the nicest, really small bikes I have seen...

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by caseycycling

I like the frame, it just looks fast sitting still. Although it would look so much better with some deep carbon wheels on it.

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by irf3

I agree, this bike looks great and the wc color scheme is pretty awesome. I'm a big proponent of slammed stems, if your flexibility can afford it you should loose the spacers and chop the steerer. It would look so much meaner.

Also, +1 on the deep carbon wheels, they really make a small bike look complete.

All in all, awesome build though, I've really liked these frames since they came out and this one is a great build! :thumbup: :thumbup:

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by Valbrona

You got a short reach like me.

That is a great bike. The seatpost clamp looks a tidy solution, and lets face it, a bike with an ISP is better than the same bike with a traditional seatpost.

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by MrMojo

I love the Cipollini frames but this bike looks strange with its fat deep tubes on such a small frame. Great build though :thumbup:
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by Boon

Here is the technicals of the bike.

My Height : 163cm
Frame Size : XXS
(The problem with this size is the bottle cages, they are pretty cramp when both the bottles are in.)
Gears & Brakes : Shimano Di2 groupset with BB30 adaptor
Stem : 100mm 3T Pro Ltd
Handlebar : 3T Ergonova Ltd
Pedals : Dura ace Carbon
Saddle : Fizik Kurve (Snake)
Wheels : Novatec Jetfly (Training)

Did not actually weigh the bike with my training wheels.
But with my Reynolds DV46 Tubular, the bike weigh 7.38kg.

From the shop, they did a comparsion with a matt black and a painted one, the weight diff is 200g.
To get it below 7kg, just simply get a matt frame with SRAM groupset. Yes, and a lighter saddle.

Pic of the uncompleted bike with carbon rims. Yes, the bike look much sexier with them.


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by Powerful Pete

:welcome: on board. Great looking bike. As you ride it more, please tell us more how it handles.
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by hansonator69

Dayum, you've got taste, good sir :)

Chainring size?
Slam your stem.

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by yongkun

i actually rode beside you in one of the early morning like close to 5am to the JR ride at ang mo kio around 2 - 3 weeks ago. Cant help but noticed this very special bike, guess yours is the only one in Singapore. Very special.

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by Boon

Hi Yongkun. Hope to see u again on JR rides. I usually there on Tue & Thurs & Sat 6am Currently, there a quite a number of RB1000 in Singapore. As for the World Champion, there are currently 2 more of them on the road. One of them belongs to my friend.

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