A2J 'R' prototype 0004

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by andy2

This is the 4th bike we put together from our 'proof of concept' run.
Currently residing in my place but soon to be shipped for further abuse in foreign lands by more capable legs!

Weight with pedals and bog standard group, stainless screws (it's a tester!) etc is 5.5kg on the dot.




by Weenie

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by Berk

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Berk Composites

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by elviento

Berk wrote:Beautiful!!!

Indeed. Really impressive weight too. What carbon do you use? How does it compare to, say Toray's higher end fibers?
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by prendrefeu

Absolutely magnificent.... Jaw-droppingly good looking, even.
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by gumgardner

Another home run

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by ross

Serious case of want

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by miltmaster3

one of the best
πατα τραβα ρε

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by KWalker

I like the build minus the front end- that headtube/top tube is super ugly.
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by whatbrakes

This is just like one of those cheap chinease frames from ebay! :oops: :twisted:

Seriously it does look the dogs. :thumbup:

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by majklnajt

Looks mean!!!! 8)

I just dont like the non setback seatpost and the shape of the bars. Otherwise PERFECT!!!!

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by Epic-o

I love it. Two questions:

1- Why did you choose metal dropouts?
2- I read somewhere that you sent one of your frames to Zedler for testing. Have you got already the results?

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by locktopus

Looking seriously mean!

That said, the top tube/head tube junction and shape of the head tube doesn't seem to flow with the sleek, simple rear end.

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by andy2

We are currently testing different layups and composite systems. The bike in the pic has a fibre resin system that we specced. The prepreg was made at Advanced Composites in the UK; they might have used Toray made fibers. (We don't use off the shelf prepreg products). The Zedler tests are an ongoing project. We have created virtual Zedler test benches that we do our FEA tests in. This way we can do virtual layups and geo tests and then verify through actual tests at Zedler. The runs we've had so far where to get the model to within a percent or two from the actual test data. We also do test tubes in different carbon/resin systems and layups that are tested at THM. I will get back with some more raw tech data as soon as Jon chimes in.
Re the metal droputs, we did not choose but the guy that was supposed to make the reae traingle portion of the monocoque with the chainstay forming from solid to hollow in one piece was busy making A-arms for some F1 teams so we had to machine them from billet 7075 alu. Carbon hanger was made by Matthias Hellöre, seatclamp and integral fd holder bespoke by MCFK.
Oh, and that headtube toptube junction is a function of the aero testing with the structural and fit req in the background with a nod to Andy Walser as well.. It's unusual but functional, the frame tests really well in the aero dept.
& Thanks for ALL the comments!
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by ArferBar


by Weenie

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by a67b

I love this bike!! :thumbup:

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