My Evo Now R.I.P.... : (

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by mattlawro

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Been built a while but haven't got any decent pics yet. Will post build list and weights soon

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by mattlawro

The good

Brought this as a Standard Red evo

Changed spec to:

Crank: Hollowgram SL 175mm arms 34/50 for climbing
Pedals: Look Blade
Seatpost: USE carbon alien
Seat: Fizik Anatares 00
Handlebars: Zipp SL Short drop
Stem: Zipp Service Course
Tape: Zipp
Groupset: Sram Red 2011 edition
Brakes: Sram Red black edition
Wheels: Reynolds forty six clinchers
Rear Cassette: Duraace 11-25
Tyres: Vittoria open Corsa EVO cx

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by mattlawro

And now the bad : (

Returning home from an evening 10 tt, was riding easy and was minutes from home.
I live near the country approached a blind bend couldnt hear any cars so I cut across the road.
Head on collision with car....

Its hurts so much.

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and this breaks my heart....

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im am gutted.

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by TerribleCadence

Ahhh man. Sorry to hear, how are you? Any damage to yourself? Hope you have a speedy recovery :thumbup:

P.S It's only a bike
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by ronderman

ah man, heal up. Sorry to hear.

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by Blackmarketrider

Jeeze! hope your alright! i had a similar instance, but the car came onto my sideof the road, luckily was on my training bike, so nothing expensive broken, but i was still ordered to stay off the bike for three months :( hope your injuries dont keep you from yours for too long!

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by quaman26

Oh man... Hope you are ok. The Evo can be replaced, our lives can't so get well soon !

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by 53x12

Hope you feel better soon. I know this won't make you feel any better right now, but your accident could have been much much worse.

Btw, noticed the Hollowgrams looked like they came out ok?
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by SSB

The Evo can be replaced- you can't. Count your blessings that it could have been much worse. All the best to you and I wish you a speedy recovery.

I was broadsided by a car exactly 3 months ago on my new S5, and life's already back to normal. Hope it goes faster for you!
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by tonytourist

I hope you're alright! :shock:
Sorry to hear about the bike, but that is easily replaced.
Best of luck in your recovery.

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by mattlawro

Thanks for the best wishes....
You guys are right at the end of the day the bike can be replaced.
and as my wife keeps telling me I was really lucky.

Worse of the injuries is a flair up of an old slip disc in my neck... but ive been there before and know that if I rest up it will be all good in a few months (hopefully)

Anyone had any dealings with crash replacements through cannondale, do they offer framesets at a reduce price?
Found out today bike was not covered under my insurance policy.... but I think 80% of the running gear will live again.. so just need to man up and sort out a new frameset?

anyone had simular experiences?
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by cezinho

Get better soon.

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by playride

Sorry to hear this and have a speedy recovery. Wish you all the best on your recovery..

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by Valy

Wow, I really cringed when I read that.

I came off bike my bike at 30mph as the chain came off on the front when I was out of the saddle about a month ago and that really hurt - just wanted to lie on the road waiting for the pain to go away... then as I was sitting on the side of the road waiting for a lift I saw a train of a bus followed by 2-3 cars go by at around 40-50mph... had they been behind me at the time, it could have been bad. So even though bike was pretty wrecked all I had was some road rash and a sprained little finger.

Just glad to see you alive to be honest after this! Really wish you a good recovery, and maybe try to avoid taking blind corners in a similar way! :P

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by Geoff

Hmmm. Looks familiar (except for the clinchers and the fact that your headtube is still attached). Get well.

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