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by gumgardner

I'm sitting here building up my new bike and thought to myself I should put my current ride up. It's been my main bike for about 4 years. It will become my ultra-reliable and bad climate bike once my new bike is complete. It's not too much of a weenie. It weighs 6.99kg (15.41lbs). I recently switched out the Time stem for a New Ultimate 100mm stem. The stem creased/cracked my Modolo carbon handlebars. The stem clamp is either slightly smaller than it claims or the Modolo is slightly larger. Either way, I switched the bars out for the New Ultimate carbon bar and I couldn't be happier with the switch of stem and handlebars. Nothing else on the bike is super light.

Frame: Time VXRS Ulteam
Stem: New Ultimate
Handlebar: New Ultimate Carbon
Saddle: Prologo Scratch Nack
Campagnolo Record 10
Pedals: Time Ulteam
Wheels: Campagnolo Eurus
Tires: Michelin Pro3

by Weenie

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by coloclimber

:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
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by sawyer

:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
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by tarz

ill keep it going .... :thumbup: .....

Solid build gumgarnder!
Still really like this frame, and you cant go wrong with Record 10!

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by prendrefeu

I should've become a periodontist. :(
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by Juanmoretime

Nice rain/snow bike gum! :beerchug:

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by dgasmd

Very nice indeed. :thumbup:

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by gumgardner

Juanmoretime wrote:Nice rain/snow bike gum! :beerchug:

Yah it was my full time ride, but it's going to the bullpen. I'll probably end up sanding the top tube portion of the frame. The "TIME" pain is chipping off from the side not shown in the picture, so I'll probably remove it at some point. It's been a really nice frame. It's just time for something new. :D

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by currieinahurry

TIMEless style :)

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by Roobay

I remember when these first came out, it was a real "Bling" bike back then and still looks pretty good today, at least you will enjoy the winter ride with your old steed..
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by em3

Nice Ride. How do you like the Prologo Scratch Nack? I have the Scratch Ti and have been wanting to try the Nack version....mostly wondering if it might be too stiff with the carbon rails given that the Ti rails have such nice spring/flex?

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by gumgardner

I never tried the Ti version of the Prologo, but this is the first saddle that I actually felt comfortable on. Its heavy at around 152g (I think) but I'm happy with it. I never felt it was too stiff though.

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by micky

Ever loved those Time!

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by Gregorio

Great looking bike. Do you like those time cages? One of mine broke after about the 5th ride.
Who is this Currieinahurry ? He has been AWOL for about 2yrs :P

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by gumgardner

Those aren't Time cages, they are the Elite pasé. :thumbup:

by Weenie

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