Colnago C50 and Cyfac Nerv

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by SFcyclist

I posted a picture of my original Cyfac Nerv build in another thread where I was trying to decide on which frame to buy in the road forum. However, the build has changed substantially, so I thought I would post it here along with my C50 which has also recently been updated. I love both bikes. The value of the Nerv is outstanding due to the great deal I got on the frame.

Colnago C50 (2006 HM version) traditional 53cm

Groupset: Campy Record 11 speed 53X39 and 11-25
Saddle: Fizik Antares Carbon
Seatpost: Deda Superzero
Bar: Ritchey Carbon Superlogic II
Stem: Reynolds Ouzo Race
Pedals: Keo Max2 Carbon
Skewers KCNC
Hubs: Alchemy/Ligero
Spokes: Sapim CX ray
Rims: Edge 45 Clinchers
Tires: Vittoria 320tpi EVO CX
Tubes: Michelin Latex
Cages: Arundel DaveO
Tape: Deda
Computer: Garmin Edge 500

Final weight: Currently right at 7.00 kg. When I have lighter cables, tubes, bartape etc. on it, it comes in under 7 kg.
C50 2.jpg

Cyfac Nerv size small

Groupset: Campy Record 11 speed 50X34 and 11-25
Saddle: Fizik Antares Carbon
Seatpost: Profile Cobra carbon
Bar: Ritchey Carbon Superlogic II
Stem: Pro Vibe
Pedals: Dura Ace 7800
Skewers Zipp titanium
Wheels: 2008 Zipp 303 tubulars
Tires: Velofex Carbon 23 mm (maybe 22, I forget)
Cages: Tacx Tao
Tape: Deda
Computer: Garmin Edge 500

Final weight: 6.9 kg with the Zipp tubulars
Cyfac 2.jpg

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by salok

Two sexy the c50 more

by Weenie

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by majklnajt

C50 :thumbup:

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giant man
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by giant man

Both great bikes, nice one.

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by LouisN

Love the Cyfac...

How do you compare the ride, between the aluminium frame and the C50 ?


Louis :)

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by micky

Both very elegant!

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by SFcyclist

Thanks to Louis and everyone else for the nice comments.

Now that I have both bikes with an almost identical setup and my position on the Cyfac has been dialed in, I think I can make a reasonable comparison. In short, I think they are quite similar in ride characteristics. Thy Nerv has a carbon rear triangle and does an outstanding job with comfort and mitigating road buzz. I would say it is every bit as comfortable as my C50. I do mostly long distance type rides and have done numerous double centuries on the C50 and two on the Cyfac. I don't feel any more beat up from the Cyfac than I do on the C50. In general, these bikes are ideal for this type of long distance riding. I am only 140-145 lbs so I have never had an issue with frame flex, so I can't really comment on drivetrain stiffness.

The one area where I would give the C50 a very slight advantage is in the front triangle. Even with the same bar, I get a tiny bit more vibration to my hands while riding the Cyfac. Again, this small difference doesn't appreciably affect the overall comfort of the bike and isn't any worse on my hands even after 200 miles. Some people might even like this directness or connectedness to the road more than the mildly more insulated front end feeling on the C50. Part of the difference might also be due to the fact that the Cyfac's headset is integrated or some other design factor rather a direct consequence of the front triangle being aluminum.

Lastly I would say that the steering on the Cyfac is slightly quicker than the C50. It is still very stable and not twitchy though.

I have been getting itchy for a new frame lately. Maybe a Look 586, Colnago C59, Cyfac Absolu or Time RXR Ulteam VIP. Basically something that would be good at long distance rides and comfortable. The problem is that both of these bikes already do such a good job at this that I feel I should hold off until a new frame comes out that is a significant step ahead of what I currently have. I like the idea of dropping some weight at the frame though. Both of these frames are on the heavy side. I don't have exact weights, but I would guess the C50 is around 1250-1300 grams and the Cyfac is 1450. A new frame could easily put me under 6.8 ( maybe even close to 6.5) with my current components.

by Weenie

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by Pantani


I used to have a C50 in exactly that paint finish - one of the nicest Colnago has ever produced IMO and its nice to see another. My bike is still going strong in the hands of a friend of mine.
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