Giant Propel Advanced - Campagnolo - Enve

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by ianpa

This is 7.1kg, not bad for an aero bike..

Propel Advanced
Campagnolo Record 11sp
ENVE 3.4 with Powertap
Speedplay Zero
Ritchey WCS Evo Curve
Aspide Saddle
Bike 2.jpg

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by cerro

That bike needs better pictures and turn the handlebar down a bit so it's straight. Great bike
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by wpccrunner

Very nice bike.
+1 on the hand bars.
I personally would have gone with the SES 6.7 especially on this aero bike but still looks fantastic none the less.

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by shotgun

Great build!

Propel is the next Giant on my list. Please share how it rides.


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by ianpa

Stiff, that's how it rides, back is really solid, front is planted, it's no comfort machine, but its not unbearable. As for whether its faster or not, don't really know, but you're definitely not losing any power through flex.

For the Bar guys :) have adjusted once I got the bike home - but only to what i like :)

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by P3PO

Clinchers or tubulars on your Propel?

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by theosaurus

looks spiffy! really nicely composed, does need a better picture though.
yes, but how much does it weigh?

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by mattythemod

Thats nice dont see many Giants with Campag .

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by oakes2004

mattythemod wrote:Thats nice dont see many Giants with Campag .
Agreed :thumbup:

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by Permon

mattythemod wrote:Thats nice dont see many Giants with Campag .

Show us better pics!

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by tvillumsen

Looks great, but +1 on the better pics!

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by paradawt

Damm what a bike. More pics plz.
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by ednsk98

Hi guys, I would like to install campy into my propel as well. Any idea which bb cup should I buy?


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by nd2rc

Better pics?

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