Black on Black budget build

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by Lafolie

Very stelf! :thumbup:

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by ash1

karlch wrote:yeh thats were ill be getting mine from

I had a reply from jenny today :) . She has quoted me a 70 day lead time. which would normally bother me but since im in europe atm and wont be back before then i guess its ok.

I am ordering the following:

HF-FM015-SPL 55cm, BB30, 3k or UD ( is there any difference in performance or is it purely cosmetic?), mat finish
Delivered $520usd

That is pretty good i think.

by Weenie

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by karlch

sounds a good deal i think ill be getting a standard bottom bracket and 3 k finish im looking forward to building one up just waiting to see if i get my redundancy money before i commit to a new build hope you post pis of your bike when done.

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by ash1

I have everything for the build on my other bike, so as soon as i get the frame set ill have it built soon after. I am still just trying to decide if a 55cm with a 120mm stem will work for me or a 58cm with my 100mm stem.
I currently ride a 56cm caad 9 with a 25mm set back post and 100mm stem and the specs of the 55cm and 58cm both seem to overlap in areas of the caad geometry. I am leaning towards the 55cm as i have been told the ideal stem length is 120mm.

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by bones

mcrdave wrote:This reminds me of something!? Can't beat a bit of gloss on matt!


My build!

Wow. How do you do that gloss thing? Are you a painter?

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by KF

I have fallen completely in love with that frame - it looks sick!!!
- G. Digital K. Loco

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by Galatzo

Me too.
Both Mcdave and jkoutlaws bikes look 8) .
Which model is yours Jkoutlaw ? Who did you get it from and did it cost much ? How does it go ?

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by mcrdave

It's just a cut vinyl decal, clear gloss against the matt paint. Pretty simple, any graphics place has it, you just need to measure and design your graphics

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by HEN12Y

I love that frame, it reminds me of a Trek Madone 5.x only much nicer! I hate the seatposts on the Trek, and the look of the slightly chunkier-in-places tubes on yours is aesthetically much nicer to look at!


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by ericssonboi

So what was the budget and how much did it end up costing?

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by RiderJosh

Forgive my ignorance, but OP can you translate all the names you've got over the frame into english?
Btw, I'm considering building the same bike up, going a stealth black look with some red accents!
I'm most likely going to run with red hubs, red ritchey wcs stem, red keo sprints and everything else black(white accents on sram force too)

looks great btw!

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by wcntan80

Awesome looking bike! Like the red accents on black. Very powerful combo. I thought I would be the only one w/ red brakes on a bike :) (still under construction). What do you think of those brakes?

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by ciclistarapdio

Dude i like it!
I am also into own Decals and so on... great Job!

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by majklnajt

I think those wheels would also go well with this bike...


by Weenie

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by jkoutlaw

cl9k24la wrote:could you show a close up of the seatmast topper...and explain your modification...

Looks good BTW :thumbup:

Here's my worklist for seatpost mod.

1. Get 32.4mm diameter seatpost
- There are few 32.4mm seatpost from FSA, Campy and Thomson on the market.
I used FSA Carbon, but I would recommend the Thomson.

2. Cutted it to 70mm long.
- If you want to cut your seatpost shorter than that, it has to be the Thompson. That's why I recommend the Thompson.

3. Made two notches on the seat tube.
- I worked with a little fretsaw. Do some sand-finish after making notches.

4. Get 36.9mm seatpost clamp
- Specialized supplies 36.9mm clamp for their Carbon Stumpjumpers.
You can get it from Specialized US website or official dealers.
I got it from some Specialized dealer shop located in Seoul, South Korea.

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