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by USofChay

Hi All,

I've enjoyed reading your forum and looking at pics of your amazing bikes for some time. I live in San Francisco, CA and have been riding my BMC for about 2 months. It is built up with something of a hodgepodge of components. Anyway, it weighs about 18 lbs, which is a little too heavy in my opinion. I am by no means obsessed with weight, in fact I care much more about ride quality and stiffness, but as I am racing in an extremely hilly area I want to get it down around 14 lbs. I'm really hoping you guys can give me tips on how to lower the weight.

So here the parts list is:

Frameset: BMC Pro Machine with EC-90 SLX Fork and EC-70 Seatpost
Shifters: DA 7800
Rear Derailleur: DA 7800
Brake Calipers: DA 7900
Front Derailleur: Shimano 105
Crankset: FSA Team Edition
Saddle: Specialized Phenom SL
Stem: Torelli (not sure exactly, just a white stem in the right size in the shop)
Handlebars: 3t Ergonova Team
Wheels: Mavic Aksium
Pedals: Shimano Ultegra

I am already planning on upgrading the wheels to EDGE 1.45. What are the next steps? Areas I am thinking about are Stem (anyone know a light one that comes in white?) and pedals.


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by Weenie

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by Roobay

never seen that colour before, will start to look much better with the Edge wheels, is that a 993 911 behind or a 964 911?
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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Nice ride.

To lighten it, consider:

1. a new wheelset (your Aksiums are boat anchors);
2. a new crankset; and
3. a new stem.

A lot depends on your budget (don't most things in life?).

Keep us updated on what you decide with your upgrades.
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by Oberon

My suggestions:

White seat post
White or black handle bar with blue bar tape

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by theStig

I've never seen this color before either.. looks nice though..

I know you're not that concerned with the weight, but I don't understand how that can possibly be a whopping 18 lbs !?!? did you weigh it with the garmin and two full bottles?

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by fa63

The weight shouldn't be surprising. The Pro Machine frame is not known to be the lightest, especially for what looks like at least a 59cm frame. Combine that with a heavy chainset (listed at over 900g with BB), heavy wheels (~1,900g) and other non weight optimized parts and you have a 18 lbs bike.

It does look nice, however.

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by USofChay

It's a 98 Carrera, Roobay. Thanks for all the tips guys. I think that wheels and cranks on my shortlist for upgrades, probably EDGE 1.45s and a DA 7900 53x39 crankset. Can anyone estimate how much weight I can save on my stem?

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by dadoflam08

Don't listen to the nay sayers - they build into excellent light bikes - my Pro Machine weighs 5.6kg .
Given you have indicated that you are interested in stiffness and performance as well as weight reduction the two must do upgrades in my experience with this frame are:
1. wheels (whatever your can afford that is ligher and stiffer - can't really go wrong with Edge Composite wheels) and,
2. Fork - by swapping to a lighter and stiffer nude Edge 1.0 fork or even Ax Helios fork (if you like the looks) you should save around 75g to 100g but, just as importantly, the ride improvement over the Eason fork is significant - much more certainty and control which is really noticeable on descents. The latter will not be the cheapest grams saved but will be the most noticeable after good wheels.
Other 'economical' upgrades are a new matching stem and seatpost - stay with alloy - they are stiffer and better value unless you go Uberlightweight Exotic stuff. Brands to look at would be New Ultimate and KCNC The latter stems are slightly softer but the seatposts are excellent and built to take 120kg riders. My KCNC seatpost, cut to length, weighs 125g - not bad for a $110 seatpost.
I find Fairwheels Bikes is a good source for all of the above items.
Happy riding, the SLC01 is a great bike.
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by Rogue_Biker

I'm all about being a weight watcher like everyone else here... But, I'm a fashion first kinda rider... If a bike doesn't match well then I'll never feel fast on it... Get your components and accessories on the same color scheme and swap out your wheels and you should be great. Excellent start!

by Weenie

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by USofChay

Hi all,

Long time no update. I've had a lot of excellent miles and a few excellent purchases since that last time I shot some pics.

Here ya go:


Crank is 7900, cages are BTP, training wheels are handbuilts (Kinlin, dura ace, dt.) I also have a set of reynolds cirro sv's with tune and m5 hubs and pillar ti spokes for racing.

Edit: Since I have taken this picture, the stem has gone down one spacer.

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