my latest swiss bike

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by Tickdoc

just in and man is she sweet.

I'm guessing she weighs just a tad over 30lbs in current configuration.


Vintage power meter still works great!


The front brakes are a little light on stopping power, but better than some carbons.


Haven't tried the pump yet, but everything else seems to work fine, so it should too.
The tool bag is loaded with tools that every cyclist should have.


The rear drum brakes are rock solid.


In all seriousness, she is extremley well made, servicable and comfortable for a cica 1951.

Thanks for looking!

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by chocy

That is an amazing find!!.

I would not mind riding that around the city!!
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by Pinokio

great :thumbup:

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by majklnajt

Looks good!
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by kgt


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by Doolop

Not into it one bit.

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by dcj9

:D and i was thinking BMC. very amusing, well i enjoyed it :wink:

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by Geoff

I would recommend LWs and Di2...

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by prendrefeu

That's really awesome!!


I want one of those now. I'm not joking, either.
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by mythical

This is similar to the bike Cancellara trains on, no? :mrgreen:
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by Ypsylon

Those can be wicked fast, too.

Ask Jens Voigt.

Great purchase. I'm jealous.
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by Tickdoc

After one week of ownership, I must say this bike is just fantastic.

I have a new hobby. Before bed I take it around the neighborhood for an evening stroll. The front headlight burns with the intensity of maybe two candles, and the generator makes a lovely slight whine as you pedal along. I think the tail-light actually glows more than the headlight.

The drivetrain is silent, with only the occasional ding of the lock key banging against the frame.

The seat is ultra comfy, now that it is properly adjusted.

I would love to source one of the frame packs seen in the video on the one Jens is riding (thanks for the video, BTW)

Also, I put her on the scale and this may be a new weight weenie record.....wait for it.....50lbs!

Now I need to source some new tires. I have learned that these use a rare discontinued and scarce 26" x 1 1/2" tire that is a true clincher type unlike a modern clincher. The back has already been replaced and is pretty worn. My nightly jaunts will soon end if I can't find some replacements soon :cry:

Thanks for the kind words and do keep an eye out for one of these vintage beauties. You won't regret it.

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