Cinelli x RVCA x Barry McGee: Supercorsa Pista

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by Registered Executioner

Full Italian build (minus the saddle -couldn't resist the limited edition brooks swallow). This is my superdelux, aesthetics-come-first, vintage parts sourced from all over the world from the past 40 years, feel-the-Cinelli-love build.

Frame: Cinelli Supercorsa Pista x RVCA x Barry McGee / 56 / 2008
Handlebars: Cinelli Criterium
Stem: Cinelli XA with Cinelli pantograph
Fork: Cinelli Supercorsa pista
Headset: Campagnolo Record
Front Wheel: Campagnolo c-record pista / Campagnolo Omega mid-v / Veloflex Record
Rear Wheel: Campagnolo c-record pista / Campagnolo Omega mid-v / Veloflex Record
Crankset: Campagnolo pista with 1/8" sprinters chainring - pre 1968, 151 BCD
Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo record pista
Saddle: Brooks swallow 2005 limited edition
Seat Post: Campagnolo c-record aero
Pedals: Campagnolo c-record with cinelli binda straps
Chain: D.I.D. Racing Pro
Gearing / Chainring / Misc.: 49 x 17 / Campagnolo pista 151 BCD 1/8" reinforced sprinters ring, Phil Wood SLR track cog
More photos of my bikes on flickr here:


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by Tinea Pedis

Dear me that is lovely.


by Weenie

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by JimmyRingo

Lovely stuff! How did the Barry Mcgee end up on there? I mean, is this a one-off or is there a series of 'Mcgee' frames out there?

edit: Don't worry found the answer!

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by majklnajt


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by Extrasgrilli

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
assolutamente fantastica!
I love cinelli's SS

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by prendrefeu


Perfect for the wealthiest of hipster
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by kgt

Looks great!

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by tarz

I love cinellis!
I have been lusting over a SuperPista for a few years now but just can't justify spending that sort of money at the moment so I'm going to be building up a vigorelli pretty soon to take to the track.
Love the precision of your component choice, it is a very thought out and perfectly executed build you should be very happy.

Do you take this on the track much?

Enjoy the ride.


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by micky


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by 109er

I like the lack of spoke cards, electrical tape and aerospokes.
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by sbrooks

Absolutely lovely looking bike.

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by Roobay

Ooooh thats nice...
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by mrfish

Beautiful. A gorgeous bike.

Tell us more about the paint.

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by Registered Executioner

mrfish wrote:...Tell us more about the paint.

This frame is a collaboration between Cinelli, RVCA, and the artist Barry McGee. RVCA is an art & fashion company in San Francisco - in 2008 they teamed up with Cinelli to produce a small run of bikes and frames in collaboration with a few contemporary artists. Here is Cinelli's press release about the frame:
Cinelli X RVCA press release
One quote from an article in the link above: "This is not the first time Cinelli has figured in an artist’s work, some may remember the Keith Haring Laser pursuit bike circa 1987, but it is the first time a Cinelli Art bike will achieve production status."

My frame is one of 50 (25 full builds & 25 framesets) - after seeing the production build I decided that I'd rather part together my own mix of modern and vintage components to better compliment the lines of the frame. It has been a slow process and this wasn't my highest priority project so, now more than a year after I bought the frame, the full build is seeing the light of day. Also, many of the individual components were decades old and produced in limited numbers so sourcing new or lightly used versions of each item just took a long while.

As for the paint - it appears the the graphics and logos may be decals under the clearcoat. I'm no paint expert but I can say that there are no surface decals and that Barry McGee's artwork appears to be digitally rendered on the seat-tube due to what looks like pixelation.

Thanks for the comments - I'll have to try a 'weathy hipster' build with riser bars, electrical tape, b43's and spoke cards... :twisted:

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by Jman

That is absolutely beautiful!! =)

by Weenie

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