Rambler C 50....you Likey?

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by LiveFastRideHard

Love the frame, love the wheels, but are those speedplay cro-mo pedals?
Truly Nanograms should be the only pedal to grace such class :smartass:
Catch ya riding PCH sometime!! Enjoy.
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by jblande

if you get the handlebar tape situation straightened out, i think it will be a very nice and unique bike. hard to beat the ride of a c50.

by Weenie

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by tjmstock

Very unique...

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by quattrings

well, it's definatly out there.

I'm in two minds about this, I really like the concept but it's not quite there.
Like captain Fuzz said it's trying a bit too hard. Maybe some white bartape with wcs tape and a -17° stem with some wcs spacers?

Anyways you've got something unique there, and if you like the looks and it feels good for you... that's what's important

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by currieinahurry

I think everyones all stressed out bEcause the potential this frame has is so massive!

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by CrazyErrol

Top tube down, I love it. I think the wheels are great on this frame. :thumbup:

Top tube upwards makes me feel ill. :noidea:

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by wisgliebau

I really like this bike. As a poor student, I don't think I could ever be so liberal in my component/color choices on such an expensive build... But I plan on building a modern ride around an older steel frame this summer with comparable taste in mind. I envy your conviction to be different and enjoy the process of building something as unique as this!


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by sawyer

I like the frame alot. the wheels don't do it for me, though they're ok. saddle is ugly, but if it works for you then great. bartape is comical. short raised stem and high bars position on the first page looks noob.

As you say though, there aren't many of these frames around and it gives you something great to build and re-build in a different style.
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by Roobay

im just confused about what the builder was trying to achieve here
shock and awe....
i think he did it :wink:
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by rico

I still don't get it. There's some improvement in the second version, but to my eyes the tang of 'too much money, no taste at all' remains.

PS Roobay when are you going to reduce the price on that Gaincard/Humpty? Hmmm?

Captain Fuzz
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by Captain Fuzz

Your childish response just reinforces the overwhelming response of “no class, all cash”.

"On your left"? Funny. Very funny. Like your clown bike. Oh, that was mean spirited. Sorry.
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by USofChay

I like a lot of this build. Things that I think could be improved:

Seatpost: That curvy white stripe doesn't do it for me. This might be the area where you bring your bike back to earth and go with some humble carbon that matches the carbon on your frame well.

Seatpost Collar: Too big / square and angular.

Handlebar tape: This issue has been addressed, but honestly it was 60% of your problem. If your first post had white tape the reactions wouldn't be nearly as harsh.

Pedals: If you're gonna go big, go big...

Cages: Maybe white Dave-O's? It's always hard for me to pick out the right cages, but these don't look right.

Some of these one off pieces are beautiful, the all carbon saddle is very nice.

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by majklnajt

I think this thread should be locked. People are getting depressed about it.... :D

Simon BP
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by Simon BP

Am I the only person who likes the bartape? I think it it genoius the way he has made it in the same colours as stripes on the frame, and even in the same order as the stripes on the frame. That to me says that the owner has thought alot about how he wanted his bike, and what parts would suit the frame the best.
How we would have built this bike is different from how he has built it, but that just shows a difference in taste. I still like it.

I also think that the bike could be built up in another way that would make it more beautiful to me, but then it would just look worse for someone else.

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by Roobay

majklnajt wrote:I think this thread should be locked. People are getting depressed about it.... :D


PS Roobay when are you going to reduce the price on that Gaincard/Humpty? Hmmm?

always open to a sensible offer Tim! :mrgreen:
i like people... i just can't stand assholes

by Weenie

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