Rambler C 50....you Likey?

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by Rumsas

It could have been so nice, i mean wc c50 with sr and boras, what a mix. But sorry, you ruined it totally :cry:

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by devinci

:S I cant remember of a biek thread who received such negative comments. Its sad for the owner, but its definitly too much colors. A classic cpu mount, a single bar tape colo would make it a bit better. The biggest killer are the colored boras IMO

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by rudder

I quite like it.... apart form the bars/stem/computer mount.

Those Boras are awesome!!

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by thencameyou

money doesn't equal class in this case...blech! :roll:

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by Rambler

Ahhh…where to start….where to start…

First off…my goal was simple…to make a “ride” that was both "custom" and to make a statement of “fun” verse some of you out there that are so “plain” I am surprised that you can even find your bike at any major ride/event.

Are you not saddened at the fact that you lack any sort of imagination or originality…at all?

Since I knew that there were only about 500 of these frames in the world…(and I am sure that some have been lost to the road since 2004) I wanted to “do it justice” as it relates to the actual components and parts.

Here are some more pictures for your little brains to make fun of…all the while wishing your bike has had half the “prestige” or functionality as my signed Colnago C50.


Look on the bright side…White, Red, or Black will always be a safe color…you keep doing what you do…it makes me and my friend’s standout more!

We will see you on the road…we will be the ones that smile at you as we yell “to the left”…and we will forget about you and your bike…about 2 seconds after that.

p.s: As to the “cost” which seems to be such a major “point” to so many of you…you have no idea what I paid for my “goodies”…but it is much less then you could get it for…since me and my friends are “hooked” up for those sort of things...perhaps if you spent your time being nice to people…you too could get the deals that we get.

Have a great ride....I know I do.

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by devinci

relaxxxxxx dudeeeeeee :thumbup:

your bike is just "out of the ordinary" build we can encounter here. No need to bash people saying they're not nice and they wont get deals on parts LOL

You just ask if we like in the thread title, you get your answer, pretty obvious eh?

As your post coutn suggest, you're quite new in here. If you dont like the comments/opinions/people, no one is gonna beg for you to stay here...

Also, WTF with the money thang?

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

I'm more worried about you clamping the tt than I am about anything on the bike! :shock:

And, not that i condone what people have said, popping your bike up on the net and then cutting up rough when people don't like it is the equivalent of the female "does my a$$ look big in these jeans?"

Don't want an answer you don't like, then don't ask the question.

Me? I like it! I'm all for originality. Enjoy the rides :beerchug:

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by devinci

LOL @ the JEANS comment TINEA ahahah

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by g_doraz

I hope ernesto colnago doesn't browse these forums :shock:

The ug factor is on overdrive
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Tokyo Drifter
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by Tokyo Drifter

I think its awesome. Hypercolour is the new matte black.

Anyone can buy a matte black giant.

I reckon that a w/c colours ck headset & spacer set would be the proverbial icing on the cake. And mismatched speedplays.

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by bJay

whatever floats your boat mate, I really like it :thumbup: (but im a big fan of the out of the ordinary type stuff, just look at some of my posts :mrgreen: )

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by majklnajt

You somehow saved it with the "RAM" :D

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by Ash_

I actually felt a little bit queasey looking at the pictures on the first page, but with a different SMP saddle, custom seatpost and the Cinelli Ram bars, it makes a real difference.

Just goes to show how important the little details are, I guess (if you can class several hundred dollars worth of finishing kit 'details').

I rather like it - and it's clear you do.

Enjoy it!

Just one question - are the Ram bars all white, or is there some black in them across the middle (where the 'stem' meets the 'bars')? It's just, if they're all white, where's the black coming from so your bars are world champ co-ordinated too?

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