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by ajh

This is the bike I just picked up a few weeks ago.

Weight on the frame ready to install parts is 1050 grams. It was 1005 bare.
fork uncut was 358 and 330 cut
headset was 61 grams
Post was 178 grams

First impressions are fantastic on this bike. When you look at it in the shop or under regular light it looks like the black is black over the carbon but it is slightly see through, in most areas, so you can see the carbon shining through in the sun. I also got the unidirectional seatpost that also matches the same finish.

After my first ride I do have to say that this bike is very fast feeling bike right from the first stroke. The power delivery is very direct and there is not much or any power being wasted in the BB/chainstay area.

I also did my normal sprints and front still felt stable and direct contrary to some other reviews. They may be larger and more powerful but this others that are larger and more powerful still have won major races on this bike.

I did my local 80-90km/hr decent with turns and it was like it was on rails. The corning is rock solid and confidence inspiring. It may not be the quickest handling but I would still feel good if I did a crit on it.

As for comfort the rear is much smother than my SLC. It was not a feeling like the tire is flat like on other bikes but the edge is taken off everything from chip and seal to expansion joints.

The stiffness of the front is very good and is better than my SLC was. It is not an R3 but it is not very far behind. I am only 143 lbs and a max sprint of 1170 watts so there is no way I will get this bike to any limits.

My strong points are lots of power for lots of time. This bike allowed me to do my normal loop in the less time or with a little less effort.

In short I love this bike. It is great to put into a headwind and just power away from anything that may be trying to follow. If it is only 10 watts savings then it is still 10 watts more that the rest have to put out to catch.

Perhaps most of my decision was because there were no alternatives available in my area or from my local vendors but I am glad I got this frame.

Lastly I have not had any issues with the rear stays. I have put in all my 3 wheels, stinger 90 powertap-404 clincher-openpro powertap, with no issues at all. The cable routing, getting the cables into the stop in the down tube, is a pain but I did figure out how to do it after about 15 minutes.
s3 sml.jpg

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by fa63

Looks great.

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by andylav

Very nice AJH - health to enjoy.

Frame weight is interesting as I'm guessing this is a 51 or possible a 54 frame and it doesn't seem significantly lighter than an SLC-SL (typically around the 1000 gramme mark seemingly) or my own SLC (1182 grammes for a custom painted 54).

Different ride characteristic with the revised seat and chain stays though, as per your observations, so a sure sign of overall product progression.

Congratulations again on your build

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by ajh

Correct it is a 54cm frame.

I was hoping for a little lighter but it is lighter than my first edition SLC which was around 1200 grams. I do know that Cervelo stated the S3 is heavier than the SL but the goal was a better ride.

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