Show me your track/fixed wheel bikes!

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by Tallboy

I'm struggling with pics but here's mine in action
Planet x frame and rear disc,
Stronlight cranks w/ blackspire rings
Dura ace sprockets
Corima front wheel
Deda pistes and 3 t alloy pro stem
Shimano spdr pedals modified for straps
Bontrager seat

Usually runs 96 inch gear for team sprints, but 94 for going man one which isn't my forte
Not very weight weenie I guess- usually around 7.5 kg at weigh in, but I bet it does nought to sixty quicker than most!

Imstruggling to add apple junk..bear with me
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by Weenie

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by Tallboy

this might work..
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by aserota

My Langster Steel is finished (excluding the Seatpost)


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by AshesDust

Cross post from my "Introduction" thread.

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by Tallboy

What do you guys recommend for saving weight on a track machine?
I'm thinking stem, seat, cranks/ bb and maybe headset are places to save safely?

Seat I fancy a tune full carbon saving approx 100 grammes
Stem maybe a thomson
Cranks and bb no idea

What about a lightweight integrated campag fit headset? Can I save weight here?

Note frame, fork, post, pedals, bars and wheels are fixed already
Thanks for any thoughts!
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by bobbyOCR


Deda COM12.5 frame.
Cannondale Premium+ fork.

The rest is thrown together.

Floats between 89 and 93" gears.

Cyclist turned music producer

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by stevengrand

Giant Omnium. I'm not sure about the weight but I bet it's 13-14lbs.

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by wisgliebau

Okay, so it's not set up with a fixed cog yet because I'm after a specific gear ratio my LBS couldn't provide. But otherwise, this is my first fixed/SS road bicycle, and it's two days old! I sourced nearly all the parts off Ebay a couple weeks ago, and the total cost was ~$800 (including shipping and some labor). The 58cm frame set is unbranded, CroMo and is rather heavy... But it's got a tight, yet pleasant geometry and seems reliably built. The rims are Weinmann with Origin8 hubs and white D/T spokes. The saddle is a San Marcos Ponza, which is surprisingly comfortable for being one of those saddles that seems like a mandatory take-off on most bicycles it comes on as a stock component. The bars are straight, 25.4 Nitto alloy, and are matched with a Nitto CT-80 CroMo/chromed stem, which is a thing of beauty. The seat post is some low-end silver alloy piece, 27.2 with a spacer to fit the 28.4 seat tube. The brake set consists of some typical anodized BMX levers paired with Tektro R530 calipers. They get the job done. The 1/8th Inch track crank has 170mm arms and 46 teeth, and is coupled to a lovely 18 tooth Shimano free wheel. The overall affect of the aesthetics and the mechanical components is pleasing considering the budget I was working with, wanting a solid build for commuting in the city. I look forward to riding it around the streets of San Francisco. :)



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by fordje

Recently finished. Too much drop maybe, but fun.
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by Tallboy

Tell me you aren't riding that yamaguchi on the street? Nooooooo... Post it to the uk quick before you break it and I will use it for you
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by Timo

Not anywere close to weightweenie standards weightwise, but 20 years old Reynolds 531 tubing skillfully combined into a 650c 46cm track bike by RIH in Amsterdam. Updated with Campagnolo Pista cranks, Record seat Post and Nitto bar/stem combo this tiny steel rocket is ready for the Amsterdam velodrome...

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by tjk

Mine :D

Uploaded with
Not exactly pure Weightweenie.... but still crazy enought to hunt every possible gram (used to be, but still like reasonably light bikes :-))


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old codger
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by old codger

Heres mine.Track bike made up for the road.As you can see from the picture i like old school.

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by Comanche_man

Time to bring this thread back to the first page.

My new toy. Mostly internet closeout deals, so relatively cheap. Not really light, but crazy stiff. I could ride over a cigarette and tell you if it has a filter or not.
Fuji Track Pro
Easton EC90 Pro Track Bars/Thomson X4 Stem
Truvativ Omnium Cranks
Kinlin Rims
Dura Ace 7700 SPD-r Pedals

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by Weenie

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by justkeepedaling

Nashbar deal? So many of my Davis friends have a FTP now :)

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