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by CBJ

Killer killer killer looking frame :thumbup:

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by Gregorio

The weather has not been cooperating here. Less than 500 miles on this bike.
It is by far the smoothest riding frame that I have ever riden. Still waiting on my 3t shallow bars, the Zipp SL2 bars are too deep.
I am just amazed at the difference. I have not found it to be harsh or uncomfortable at all, but the longest ride has been about 4 hours.
I really think it climbs very well, atleast better than I had expected. Standing up on really steep stuff especially well. I never had any complaints about my Orcas, but after riding this you can just tell that these frames are not in the same league.
Steering is definately quicker, still getting use to that. Most noticable when I have been tired in a fast group ride, just making an every day - normal turn...not paying much attention and realize that I am cutting the corner to close. That has happened a few times now.
Descending is like a night and day difference. I use to dread fast / technical descents.
I have not ridden the gravel / dirt roads on the RXR and dont think I will any time soon. The Orcas will get that duty.

I am around 72kg and ride the small RXR, 54.5 tt

The finish is unbelievable. I have not found a flaw anywhere.

I cant wait to take it to the mountains.

by Weenie

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by worstshotever

Sooo, did you take it to the mountains? How's this thing doing?

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by Gregorio

Yes, took it to western NC twice. It is an awesome bike. I do need to post some new pics. I swapped the bars out from the zipp to 3t ergonova team and the cranks Easton ec90 to super record.
No problems with the cranks but with all of the noise about them, and Easton said that they would refund my money, I thought it best to return them in light of the problems. Turned out that they just sent me a brand new set and bb, not the cash.

+48g with the changes.

I have put about 7000 miles on the bike. Climbs great, decends great, handles great. Very nice ride. Longest ride was 140 miles. Best of all....chicks dig it and it looks fast.
Only problem is that I am not a good enough rider for this bike. You almost need to be pro tour caliber.
Have not had it out in over a month because it's winter and the roads are covered with salt and sand.

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by Gregorio

Some new photos.
Switched to the 3T bars and Super Record Crankset.
Also changed the front der to a Record 10 and after about 5 rides one of my Time Bottle Cages broke so I put these Speedplay Nanograms on.

I only wish winter was over. I have not ridden this bike since the middle of November.



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