2010 CAAD9 @ 6.32kg and 2009 SLICE - Now with SRM :)

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by natefontaine

Updata 9/23/2012 - changes noted with weights

This is it's lightest setup currently, only gets dresses up like this once a year :)

Wheelset: ZIPP 303+Vittoria Evo Crono+KCNC Cassette+Skewers 1760
Chainrings: Osymetric 50-38 164
Derlr (Rear): DA 7900 168
Cassette: KCNC 11-23 112
Seat:  Selle Italia SLR - Tuned 105
Brakes: KCNC CB1 Black 176
Official Weight 6.32kg

99.9% of the year I am running with power, SRM V with 56-44 Osymetric Rings (pictured on the SLICE). ~7.5kg with Training Wheels.
Training Wheels: Mavic Elite's, Vittoria Corsa CX

2009 SLICE Hi-Mod

Wheelset: Zipp Super9 + 1080
Crank: SISL + SRM V and 56-44 Osymetric Rings

Evolution of the build process

Update 5/28/2011
Finally got the SL cranks installed. Bringing the total weight down to a nice 6.69kg, that is with 1 bottle cage, cpu and pedals. Final build list, items with stars are estimates. Loads of fun, all told I spent $3600, which is $500 over the Dura-ace build. And I have almost enough parts left over for a TT build.

Frame:  54cm CAAD9 – BB30 1250*
Wheelset (Rear): ZIPP 303+Sprinter 930
Wheelset (Front): ZIPP 303+Sprinter 760
Fork: CAAD9 – Premium 421*
Crankset: Hollowgram SL 170mm 420*
Pedals:  Dura-Ace 7810 276
Brake Levers:  105 2010 Left 245
Chain:  KMC X-10SL 102links 224
Chainrings: MKV 54-34+bolts 111
Brake Levers:  DA 7800 Right 198
Seatpost:  Masterpiece 240mm 157
Handlebar:  EC90 SLX3 - 42cm o-o 195
Derlr (Rear): DA 7800 SS 182
Cassette: DA 11-21 161
Stem:  Thomson X2 150
Seat:  Selle Italia SLR - 135g 145
Brakes: KCNC C6 Black 224
Cable: Shift F & R 90
Derlr (Front) 105 5700F 90
Cable: Brake 88
Bottom Bracket:  Stock 65*
Computer: Cateye Strada Double 63
Bar Tape:  LizardSkin 60
Bottle Cage:  Chinese Carbon 3K 24
Skewers: KCNC 45
Headset Bearings: Stock 45*
Seat Collar: Stock 22
Jockey Wheels: Ceramic 18
Headset Spacer: Speedpark 10mm 7
Expander: Extralight ultrastar2 7
Bar End Plugs: LizardSkin 6
Bottle Cage Bolts: Stock 6
Headset Cap+Bolt: Extralight 5

Update 6/25/10
Budget $3K, purchased a 2010 CAAD9 5. With a few upgrades up was hoping to get close to 6.8kg, looks like I will be around 6.6kg Here is my build so far. Verified weights are ones without ? in front. Let me know what you think. I have learned a lot from reading this site, thanks. Like limiting my $/gm upgrades to $1/gm for my budget. Awesome advise. Thanks.

Pictures to come later

Bar Tape and plugs: Cateye - 70g
Bottle Cage: 2 x 3k weave - 47g
Bottle cage Bolts: Stock - 11g
BB30 Bearings: Stock - ?50g
Brake Levers: DA 7800 Right - 198g
Brake Levers: 105 2010 Left - 245g
Rear Brakes: Tektro r580 - 162g
Front Brakes:Tektro r580 - 162g
Brake Cable F & R - 88g
Shifter Cable F & R - 99g
Cassette: DA 11-21 - 161g
Chain: KMCDX-10SC 106lnks -255g
Crankset:  Gossamer 52x38 - ?830g
Derlr (Front) 105 5700F - ?90g
Derlr (Rear) DA 7800 SS - 182g
Jockey Wheels ceramics - 18g
Fork: CAAD9 – Premium - ?425g
Frame:  CAAD9 – BB30 - ?1270g
Handlebar: EC90 SLX3 40cm - 195g
Headset:  Cane Creek - 30g
Headset Cap+Bolt: SI - 20g
Pedals:  W40 Wellgo - 294g
Seat:  Fizik Aliante - 250g
Seatpost:  Thomson MP - 154g
Stem:  CAAD9 – 100mm C2 -138g
Tire (Front):GP4000 700x20c - 183g
Tire (Rear): GP4000 700x20c - 183g
Rim Tape Forte 18mm - 28g
Tubes: Vittora ULx2 - 110g
Wheelset (Front): Rolf Elan front - 530g
Wheelset (Rear): Rolf Elan rear - 716g
Skewers: KCNC - 45g
CPU: Sefras wireless s+c - 97g
total 7.36kg

Thanks for the suggestions and comments.

The last things I will eventually replace with my budget is the cranks, brakes and seat to: Hollowgram SL (Still not sure:170 or 175mm), KCNC CB1, and a Chinese carbon 100g saddle (worth a try@$60), that will get me to about 6.6kg and still under budget or 6.75kg with the Fizik saddle.

This is a race/training specific build, it is rode daily. The Frame is size 54. I tried the rival/SRAM group when I was test riding new bikes, didn't like the way it sounded. And I didn't like the shifting either. I would be upgrading the crank so I didn't want to spend extra for something I would replace anyway.




Pictured with Rolf VP front and Forte Titan Rear
Pictured as stated in post.
Pictured as stated in post.
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by Tinea Pedis

Brakes are a big killer than i can see already.

And from what I know of WW products, $1/g (from the point that you are at now) is going to be pretty tough to stick to.

by Weenie

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by 2002SaecoReplica

$3000 USD?

Buy the caad9-4 to start with. The 2010 rival is lighter than DA7900(the caaad9-4 has the bb30 force crank). Use the $1200 or so you have left to buy whatever bar/stem you like and a nice set of hand built wheels.
- Zipp rims will break if you look at them too hard
- R-Sys wheels will spontaneously explode
- The ZG crankset will never, ever exist
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by RichTheRoadie

Supersonics? Hope you're not planning to use it daily :wink:

Get some proper tyres (Vittorai CX 320s) and save the weight with lighter pedals.

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by bikewithnoname

Get some alligator i-link and mini i-link cables/housing and replace the rim tape with velo plugs, should see 50-100g improvement.

Plus the pedals can go lighter
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by djconnel


Frame size? (guess = 50 cm based on handlebars)

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by jrennie

natefontaine wrote:Bar Tape:  Stock - 150g
Brake Levers:  DA 7800 Right - 198g
Brake Levers:  105 2010 Left - 245g
Rear Brakes:  Tektro r580 - ?154g
Front Brakes:  Tektro r580 - ?154g
Crankset:  FSA Gossamer 52x38 - ?830g
Pedals:  W40 Wellgo - 294g
Seat:  The Seat - 412g

Agree with others to start with the rival build but it looks like the bike is already purchased. 150g for bar tape? Some deda cork tape would save over 100g at that rate and cost about .15/g some speedplays/look/whatever would cut another 60-100g off your pedals and a set of kcnc brakes can be picked up for fairly cheap now to take another 120g off. Even a heavy(by WW standards) saddle would be around 200g which would easily come in under the $1/g criteria.

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by Zachariah

I agree, go full Dura Ace and the bike will be well below 7kg. Here is my CAAD 9 with full Ultegra and 298g Si fork at 7.0kg:

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by tcurtbike

What's the deal with your saddle?

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by bones

Zachariah wrote:I agree, go full Dura Ace and the bike will be well below 7kg. Here is my CAAD 9 with full Ultegra and 298g Si fork at 7.0kg:

http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk20 ... CN0719.jpg

Nice! What size is that?
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by aerozy

I know saddles are very personal but I could not help but give a giggle when I saw yours. Its a beautifull bike but the saddle... :noidea:

Im sure if you experiment a little you can find something more suitable... and lighter
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by jbag011

cranks and saddle. those fsa's are tanks. and the saddle if you bought that bike you should know better by now. those seats put to much pressure on your hands. try putting a regular saddle on, lower your seat about a half cm and rotate your bars up and you would probably feel more comfortable.

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by natefontaine

Personally I think that a large rod pressing against my perineum is QUITE uncomfortable, but that is me. I am fine with this setup, man, you would DIE laughing if you saw my commuter. I found that comfort is most important and "The SEAT" is it. And yeah the FSA cranks will go once I get the Hollowgram SISL's.

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by cswi9367

a great bike. ive got some decent results from mine this year so far.

it doesnt get too much use as the 2010 Supersix Ultimate gets most my time, but this is one great bike.

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by c90sx

bones its a 50

by Weenie

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