Time VXR Shimano Di2 tuned internal wiring - WW project bike

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by Ozrider

This has got to be one of the most impressive projects I have seen. Takes balls to strip paint off and drill/modify a frame like that.
Finished paintwork is very impressive.
That is a project to be really proud of.
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by bally81

*thumbs up!

..and cheers!
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by Weenie


by cryoplasm

Very professional. A cut above the WW standard. Good attention to detail. The professional manufacturers could take this on-board.

One glaring issue with the paint job though. The Di2 (R) insignia should be Di2 (TM) as it represents the Trade Mark of the Di2 product which is Shimano's. The (R) is superfluous, and does secondly come across as a RadioShack logo. The Shack have already well plastered their trade mark across the industry/sport, and so it is hard to miss. I understand, the RadioShack logo is not your intention.
Thankfully it is a small patch which will need to be carefully redone by hand.

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by williamsf1



is it possible to replace this box?

I'm not sure if the external or internal kit is the best to buy? ( for a cervelo S2 with a zipp vuma )


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by coloclimber

Nice work concept64. But- Isn't the battery still external? :? Let's get those cells inside the frame. I'd be happy to help.

Williamsf1-Yes- but its a whole lot easier keeping the box and cutting it down. See pics earlier in thread and wiring diagrams below

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by halo

coloclimber wrote:Let's get those cells inside the frame.


I've been watching this thread for ages; very impressed with your work.

I want to internalize di2 with my Tarmac SL3; currently it is taped on and looks very untidy.

I'll use some 3000mAh li-on 3.7V batteries (18650) bought on ebay. I like the idea of making a wiring harness instead of splicing the existing one. These wiring diagrams really help. The big problem is sourcing the connectors for the derailleurs and Junction A. They must be made somewhere (in China?) but I can't find them.

Any ideas...anyone?



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MiSzA (PL)
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by MiSzA (PL)

A quick question - is it possible to put the rear der. Di2 cable inside the Cervelo Soloist frame via the drive-side chainstay?
I did in my P2C - but I am trying and trying - to no avail. Any one managed?

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by coloclimber

For those that have or are sending me PM's asking for me to do the internal conversion for/with them- Calfee is now offering the same thing. Looks like a great way to go. Its possible to do it yourself with a little work but if you don't have the time- here is a great option. Good luck.

Calfee Design Offering Retrofits for an Internal Di2 System on Carbon Frames
(La Selva Beach, CA) Sept. 2010 – Calfee Design is now offering an elegant solution to retrofit carbon fiber frames with Shimano’s electronic Di2 shifting system. This internal system eliminates the need for cable ties, adhesives and external mounts. To achieve fully internal routing for the electronic shift cables, Calfee makes the necessary modifications to the wiring harness, battery, seat post and frame.
The innovation starts with a custom battery system. Calfee installs an aftermarket battery inside the seat post, secured by a bracket for easy removal. To charge, simply remove the seat post and plug in the provided charger to the base of the seat post. This eliminates the bulkier, externally mounted battery. Cables from the battery run down the seat tube where they split at the bottom bracket shell to the shifters and derailleurs.
Calfee Design has extensive experience repairing carbon fiber frames. This is critical in retrofitting carbon frames not necessarily designed for internal routing. Calfee amends the frame as needed, including the creation of access holes, at no detriment to the structural integrity of the frame. Proper repair and reinforcement is imperative to preserve ride quality and guarantee strength of the frame after the required changes have been made to the original structure.
Frames retrofitted to work with an internal Shimano Di2 system cannot readily be swapped between traditional shifting and electronic. However, modifications can be made in the future to remove the retrofit features and allow for traditional cables.
Currently, any make or model of carbon fiber frame is eligible for Calfee’s Di2 retrofit. Internal routing for SRM power meters is also available. There may be a few frames that are not compatible with an internal Di2 system, though none have been identified at this time. The retrofit package is priced to start at $500. Pricing includes the custom battery pack, an installed wiring harness and basic paint touch-ups. The process requires approximately 5 weeks for completion.
For more information, please contact:
Heather Ross
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by williamsf1

do you think they are running a lipo battery or just a modded one?

thats the only thing I have my doubts about regarding charging, over charging etc etc...

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by zachary

Wow I just caught up on this thread after not looking at it for...a year maybe? Amazing!

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abartig !!!!! :unbelievable: :unbelievable: :unbelievable: :unbelievable:

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by Dr.Dos


Swap the ugly handlebar for a classic model, and you have the ultimate bicycle. Absolutely incredible work, stunning.

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by santabarbara

The End.
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by Tallboy

Ohoh..what happened there? Looks crazy with the wires hanging out of the broken tubes.
Did the emch still shift after the frame broke?!
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by Weenie

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by tonytourist

RIP :shock:

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