Time VXR Shimano Di2 tuned internal wiring - WW project bike

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by GZA

full marks for the objective review! would be easy to gush as said....

bravo for the 7900 brakes too, much respect 8)

by Weenie

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by FelixIanuzi

Awesome job! I would really like to see some more photos!! close ups please!!

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by KWalker

I was more interested in the di2 hack than the WW aspect of this build and even if you replace those parts it will still be pretty damn light and retain the aspect that caught everyone's attention.
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by FelixIanuzi

I agree, I was more interested in looking at the craftsmanship of the mods than the clashing of stem and seatpost....

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by ferrarista

wow this bike is so nice. I'm not too fond on the look of the stem , but its still great for the weight. that thumb shifter

looks much better now like that :thumbup:

It look so much better when you integrate the battery inside the frame. lets hope oem will follow with that.

congrats on the project. it is really amazing!!
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by RocketRoy

coloclimber wrote:The wheels arent decided yet. Its really bugging me.

The bike is for 4 gran fondos this summer. I want sexy, stiff, light and very aero wheels. I want to keep them under 45mm and under 1200 grams.

Gran Fondo Boulder, April 11, 2010- 65 miles 4800 ft climbing
Gran Fondo Vail, June 19, 2010- 80 miles 5500 ft climbing
Gran Fondo Centurion Cycling, Boulder (CO), July18, 2010- 100 miles 10000 ft climbing
Gran Fondo Steamboat, August, 15, 2010- 110 miles 5500 ft climbing

Here is my running list of possibilities:
Dura Ace 7850 28mm/24mm (-heavy and not very aero, + free, since I already have them)
Easton SL 38mm (-not sexy or light, + free, since I already have them)
Custom Edge 45mm or AX 42mm (- very expensive, + sexy, light and rebuildable, dial in stiffness and weight)
LW Ventoux (-not aero, not stiff, not rebuildable, very expensive, + sexy and light)
Zipp 303 45mm (-not sexy, + aero )
Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate 40mm (-expensive and relatively heavy, + stiff and sexy)


Sounds good, I think you'd enjoy this http://www.marmot-tours.co.uk/summaries ... 4wodintISw 11-16 July, 4 consecutive days 480 miles and 47520 feet of vertical climbing, looking forward to it :thumbup:
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by Timo

strobbekoen wrote:We should do a blind test with 20 guinea pigs on your bikes :thumbup:

Nah, that will not do!! This is weightweenies: do you know how much weight twenty guinea pigs add to his bike? ;)
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by Dr.Dos

Just for the records: I think the rider's attitude is even more impressive than his bike. :thumbup:

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by Martin.F

Man I love this thread, very inspirational! Oh, and I love the way that sexy is a factor for choosing wheels! :mrgreen:

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by sneeeky

more pics of this amazing bike!! PLEASE

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by janez

any updated photos, please... :smartass: :beerchug:

thanks... :up:
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by coloclimber

As promised:

-Deacon Doctor Colorado Slim

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by Amaro

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

All black! I like it...

Maybe some colour on the tires? :lol:
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by eigner

*Rawr*! :thumbup:
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by FelixIanuzi

The rig looks great!

by Weenie

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