Time VXR Shimano Di2 tuned internal wiring - WW project bike

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by jever98

@coloclimber: could you please post additional pictures, especially ones showing how you routed the cables into the frame at the stem?

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by Weenie

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by range

I think that it's awesome. Even though drilling into the bars would look better for the extra Di2 controls, I doubt that it's really feasible.

I'm also wondering about your impressions of the ride and final weight, though I guess that Nathan is waiting for his AX Morpheus crank.
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by vidman

Following on from what range said (drilling into the bars), I was thinking that it would be uber cool to drill an exit hole for the wires in the center of the bars at the back, then run the wires through the inside of the stem to a hole into the fork steerer, then down and out a second horizontal slotted hole into the inside of the frame. How clean would that be?

Mind you... this is all keeping in mind no structural loss for doing all this drilling. :lol:

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by tochnics

a small hole in the bar proberly would hold up but i would never try it with a bar as thin as this one
bars like these are build to rider weight and cant hold any thing like clip on bars and bar ends in the mtb version without any extra beef
i geus running the wires underneath would be the best thing

still i am thinking about these crazy thing to
i while ago i saw a bar that had a hole to allow a bolt to clamp on a sti on the bar with out a clamp
anyone can remember wich brand that was ?

holes proberly work if you ad extra beef in that area
mayby its still lighter then without extra metal clamps

whe have di2 ready frames these days so why not di2 bars ?
i can only think of (more) heavy aerobars that already have holes in there
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by timintense

awesome build, looks great finished :thumbup:
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by rasmusic

Dr.Dos wrote:Bar, stem and seat post are incredibly ugly. Great project though, and it's gotta please your eye.

Totally agree, but otherwise it looks great.

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by pritchet74

I think the bars & stem look perfect. You guys are nuts! But I will agree that for some reason the post just doesn't look right on this bike. I too want to hear the ride impressions though!
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by Raxel

WOW. how does it ride?

I think the DA brakes look a bit out of place on this uber WW bike. You may try one of the newer carbon WW brakes like Gravitas or Fibula...

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by range

@vidman & @tochnics yep, that's what I was referring too. The AX Lightness bars must be incredibly thin. Drilling through them is not an option. That being said, it might work on thicker bars, though even then, I find it a wee bit dangerous, especially on carbon fiber bars. Maybe something custom would work.
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by eliflap-scalpel

i hated road bikes

..till now !!!

:thumbup: what a f*****g job man

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by BmanX

I love this bike and think everything looks great. I do like the post but it appears that a zero offset post would work better judging from the position of the saddle on the post. Might be wrong as I have never seen this post in person so not sure about the mounting hardware but maybe a zero would work better. I think it would clean the lines of the build a bit better.
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by coloclimber

its good to know this build is helping convert road bike haters... :lol:

I'll get some additional pics up later.

A few rides this weekend and a few thousand feet of climbing. I rode the same wheels/tires as I am used to on my EP- Dura Ace 7850 28/24mm to get the same sensations. Here are some initial thoughts-

Overall- Underwhelmed and Grateful

- Despite the bike being lbs lighter than the Colnago- the overall package ride of this Time didnt create any WOW factor in me. The most noticeable difference was the shorter chainstays and resulting more spirited ride. Sure- jumping at over a 6% grade felt swift but steady state climbing at 4% grades wasnt that different than on my old steed. As a WW- this was a little upsetting. The Time really didnt feel any stiffer/more comfortable than the EP. The frameset seemed to take away the high vibration buzz more than the EP and certainly more than an Asian monoque like the R3-SL. Overall- the triumvirate combo of lightweight, smoothness and racy geometry will make an excellent long distance gran fondo sportif bike, but not my go to machine for everyday rides.

- Clavicula Q factor. Its wider than I am used to.

- Internal Di2 does nothing for me when I am on the bike. No benefits except easier to wipe down the frame when I am done riding.

- AX saddle- just wont work for my sit bones width/ saddle stiffness and to much bounce- back to the trusty Prologo Scratch and its hefty weight. :(

- AX anatomic drops- they just dont work for me descending and shifting/braking.

- Overall look. I dont know if its the semi-sloping frame, lack of color or what, but sometimes adding together great individual parts doesnt make the best overall looking sum.


+ Everything was stiff enough. I was concerned at my weight with the bars/stem/post but no worries with the AX stuff here. I did chicken out the torquing the AX stem the first time and it slipped - so I greased the bolt threads and tightened it down a tad more. No issues on the second ride despite purposfully hitting big bumps on the tops. AX Bar/stem combo is light and stiff- :thumbup:

+ The internal Di2 and frameset/fork etc performs flawlessly despite the hacks. :o

+ AX bar shape on the tops- the slight bend is very natural and I love it. I never got along with anatomic bars well and even the slight bulge on the tops of the Deda Presa bars drove me nutz. None of the 3T ergo series work either. However-The AX bars are so comfortable/natural for climbing and the shift button placement is perfect. :beerchug:

+ The incredible feel of the lightest bar/stem/shift lever/cable combo out there. Standing and swaying the bars or diving into a corner- there is a big difference in handling with over 200 grams less out front.

+ The stiffness/lightweight of the THM cranks. Why didnt I get these WW standard earlier???

+ Stronglight CT2 big chainring- AWESOME front Di2 shifting even with a KMC X 10SL chain. Flawless.

+ No compromises in the overall package. Amply stiff and solid. Smooth descending and great ride quality. I guess the underwhelment has to do with the greatness of the EP which has been my daily bike for a while now. The Time frame does weigh over 200 grams less than the EP and rides equally as well. I guess that is something to be excited about. The 7900 brakes may look out of place but they are staying since they serve an important function for this bike's purpose. Now I will try the bike with the stiff and aero Mavic CCU wheels.
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by range

Hey Nathan,

Kinda sucks about the AX parts, but I really like your write-up. Very objective and precise, which is what I like. It's easy to gush about your weenie, but to be objective like you were is harder.

Anyway, kudos! :thumbup:
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by strobbekoen

Nice review Nathan.

Having ridden both the EP and Time, the feeling is quite different. The EP is solid all over, the Time more forgiving but equally efficient (in my opinion) - but still, a very different ride feel between the two.
I think the wow factor when riding a bike rarely comes from the feeling of it being really low weight.

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by djconnel

Yeah -- yesterday I started riding from an appointment and went to reach for my just-filled water bottle, only to find I'd left the water bottle back where I'd filled it. Whoops! No "wow!" from that 300 gram weight loss. :)

But that Time is a gorgeous piece of work. The ride quality is almost secondary :).

by Weenie

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