ridley noah '09 [updated with a new pic]

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by bally81

hello everyone !

one more pic of my bike.
in spring, ill post more !
(sry for those ugly quick release skewers, the tune ones doesnt hold the wheels properly)

full campy superrecord, pro stealth evo, look keô carbon, standard lightweights, selle italia slr, carbon bottle cages (s-tec sports), ciclosport 4.3
=> 6600 gramms exactly
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by majklnajt

That is one badass burning bike!!!!!!!
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by Jordan

My God, this is my dream bike! Ridley with lightweight looks cool! I hope, my next new bike will be similar like you've got... Awesome bro...

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by timintense

very nice bike indeed
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by fa63

Love the Noahs in general, but this one is especially well done. Great looking bike. :thumbup:

How is the ride with the Lightweights?

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by micky

Me like it! 8)

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by bencolem

Yup, very, very nicely done. I save some of my favourite looking bikes as inspiration for future builds and your pic just got saved :thumbup: Not sure about that saddle position though - sure it works for you but kind of ruins it for me cosmetically. Noah got a good write up in this month's Cycling Plus mag btw.

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by andylav

Nicest Noah I've seen - was that a custom paint scheme from Ridley or something that you had done yourself?

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by racerjrp

OMFG! :beerchug:

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by c50jim

That's a great looking finish! Congratulations on a stunning bike.

Don't feel bad about the skewers. They may weigh a ton (or close to it) but they work and they bring back memories of the days when Campy was still into handbuilt wheels.

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by Arky

Very nice!

How does it ride? Stiffness? Comfort?

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Excellent bike! Pity you're in the middle of winter, would love to know how it tracks through the corners. Just looks built for speed!

Ride report would be interesting too - again, weather dependant...

Also, what's happening with the bar tape? Did it run out? Or is it some sort of two-tone black top half and white at the tips?

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by bally81

hey folks !
thank you all for the positive feedbacks !¨
to your questions:
the stiffness is great, both frame and wheels. the bike isnt that comfortable. its a "hard ride" so to say.
in the sprints you can go crazy with it. it accelerates quick and easily.
also in the corners you can be very fast! (i use conti 4000) good braking with the lw's as well, tough
once the brakepads/wheels get hot, they do squeak (i have to try another breakpads. currently im using
the lightweight-ones)
i used the bike for timetrial as well, and it felt fast, but for this i
had the cosmic carbone wheels on it.
the complete bike, incl. paintwork is a special edition of a bike shop, i bought it.
well, i also reckon the saddle position doesnt look so nice, in future i might change it.
unfortunately if you ride uphill out of saddle, s.times you hear a cracking.
im still studiyng the reason, which i already know that Cant be is: quick release skewers, wheels, crankset (tightened all
screws, grinded the frame at the bottom bracket, etc.) saddle, bottle cage, handlebar.
i definately will not ask for advice from the shop i bought it, besides that issue i made
bad experiences with them. but you guys might have a tip ?
with the bar tapes.. i have no idea how they did it at the shop, but it looks to be quite firm !

so far..
have all a good ride !
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by mjdwyer23

Nice! I want one in blue!

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by ico

Perfect..can you tell us what size it is and how tall are you?
Thank s

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