2005 Fuji C7 Team Issue: 14.5 lbs (see page 2 for more pix)

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by worstshotever

Quick update. Put the girl on a tiny post-holiday diet (better her than me), and have been playing around with my fit. Pretty happy so far, but still a work in progress. Anyway, this week's swapped parts are:

    Look Keo Carbon pedals (228g pair) gone; Speedplay Zeros with Ward ti spindles in (158g pair) = -70g (not including cleat diffential, though)
    Thomson Masterpiece setback (192g) out; zero-setback 3T Doric (sanded/clearcoated) (182g) in = -10g
    Zipp 145 stem (147g) out for a 100mm Deda Zero 100 SC (117g) = -30g

Total: -110g

Previously I switched out the surprisingly heavy Zipp top cap for a Fairwheel Bikes "shootout" version (I'm the guy whose heart is exploding), swapped the stock campy RD pulley wheels for some KCNC ceramics, and lost the heavy Fuji seatpost collar for a Soul Kozak, for a combined improvement of about another 35g or so.

Also lost about 80g in helmet weight, and mounted a Garmin Edge 500 and upgraded my PT hub to ANT+, so now I no longer am running a silly cockpit with Garmin Edge 305 + powertap LYC + the Garmin cadence unit on the chainstay for further unknown amounts of unsprung weight savings. Also dropped the saddle bag while I was at it as a matter of principle. After these little touches I'm still slow as I ever was, but that's not the point. Wait, what was the point again?

Future plans: new bar tape/saddle combo (black?). New shoes (Bonts?) - my current Mavics weigh ~630g for the pair and hurt my feet. Also could cut about 6cm off the seatpost and 1-2cm off the steerer tube if I wished. We'll see.

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by KWalker

Not sure if you are in any way interested, but I have some cheap Zero G brakes sitting around.

Also got those tubes I owe you.
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by Weenie

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by worstshotever

KW -- thanks much, but I'm actually OK with the KCNCs at the moment. They certainly stopped hard enough a few weeks ago when they spit me over the bars. Ouch.

Anyway, about 7 miles from home I broke my relatively new Soul Kozak seat collar. It split in half with a loud pop when I hit a small pothole while pushing hard to grab a wheel about 30 yards ahead. The collar had maybe 800 miles on it. I weigh 66kg (145lbs). So that sucked. Picture of the offending piece taken after I got home and had ridden the last 7 of 50 miles either standing or crouched over the rear wheel:


Note that the finish on the white SLR sucks. It has maybe 1500 miles, and is totally rubbed off at several contact points and deeply faded all across the top as well. You also can just glimps the Ligero clinchers with a sweet red PT hub I bought from KW (which since has been upgraded to ANT+).

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by USofChay

Sorry about the accident, that sucks. Maybe try a thinner stem (e.g. Thomspon :roll: ) to match the seatpost.

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by worstshotever

Yeah, I dumped the Zipp stem and replaced it with a Deda 100SC. Like the looks much better. Also like the 0 setback 3T seatpost better than the Masterpiece setback I was running before.

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by tonytourist

That sucks about the seatpost collar. I've used an Extralite on my mountain bike for about 9 months with no problems, quality piece if you're looking for a new one. That red PT looks cool :thumbup:

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by worstshotever

Still riding this thing, but a few changes over the last year or so. I dumped the KCNC brakes. After racing on them for a season, I found braking power inadequate in a couple tight situations that ended painfully. They may not have made the difference in those instances, but I concluded that there's just too much at stake to ride on the flimsy side of the brake-power spectrum. For now, I've strung up my stock Campy Record calipers, but they are cows. I offset that weight gain by swapping the stock fork (410g or so) for an Easton EC90SLX (340g or so). Seems like it rides smoother, too, and yet feels very secure in the turns. May not be quite as rigid as the stock fork, but I haven't had it long enough to really draw a conclusion.

The big news for me, however, is that I'm near to completing my next build. Nothing special around here but I'm excited about it anyway -- a 2011 Cannondale SuperSix hi-mod frameset, Hollowgram SiSl crankset, 3T LTD ergosum bar, with Campy Record 10 components. Still undecided about the brakeset, seatpost, and saddle, but ideally I'd like to have it together in time to christen it on Jeramiah Bishop's Alpine Loop Gran Fondo in a couple weeks. I'll post a thread when it's done.

Nonetheless, I still enjoy riding this Fuji. It's really a great frame, underrated I think. Will probably keep the bike as a winter or work ride.

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