Casati Marte

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by Cyco

Build list
Frame: Casati Marte 2009, custom c-c seat tube 56.5, tt 59
Fork: Casati Marte
Headset: Thecno
Stem: Thomson X2 130mm custom painted by Casati (sorry starnut)
Bars: Deda Newton deep drop 46s
Bar tape: 1st layer Bonty Gel, 2nd layer Pro leather
Shifters: 7900
Cranks: 7900 180mm 53x39, although 1st pic on scales shows them with 53x42
Pedals: Keywin CRM +6mm stainless axles
Chain: 7900
Cassette: 7900 11-21
Front derailleur: 7900
Rear derailleur: 7900
Cables; Inner: 7900
Cables; Brake outer: White Shimano – Thanks Frankie – B
Cables; Gear outer: SP41, with the Aluminium cable caps at all end points
Saddle: Sella Italia ‘New’ Flite team edition
Hubs: Dt Onyx 36h
Spokes; Front: Dt Revs Black, with Black Dt Alloy nipples
Spokes; Rear: Dt Comp Black, with Dt spoke washers and Dt brass nipples
Rims: Ambrosio Evolution
Tyres: Schwalbe Ultremo R
Tubes: Michelin Airlite
Rim Tapes: Velox
Brakes: 7900

This is initial set up to get it riding. Further weight reductions to come will include fitting my Zero G brakes once I get them from 4000km away and some much lighter wheels.

The frame though will never be light as I asked for lots of extra CF due to my riding style and weight.

Weight all up comes to about 8.3kgs, but I still need to cut the steerer and make sure I'm happy with the position of the brake levers et al. before I post the final weight.
The basics just together
Hard to see any other way, the shaping of the tubes
The internally routed cables
It actually means what it says
Holy Top Tube Batman
Seat clamp. Would have been lighter to have a normal post!
Custom painted Thompson X2
Includes expander and uncut at this stage
Included BB and uncut seat mast (took 70mm off). 1st lot of pics disappeared from camera so when I retook this one I wasnt about to remove the BB as it was locktited being Italian threaded
Multi coloured
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by Fitnerd

Very sharp looking frame and build. Can't wait to see a proper photo when it's built up.
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by Juanmoretime

Chris, very sweet looking. Definitely want to see what it looks like completed and a ride report too.

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by Frankie - B

fcuking hell! he did it!
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by micky

Casati are one of the finest bikes!
Waiting for built pic!

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by Powerful Pete

Ahhh, Casatis are something else. Always known for quality finishing. I tip my helmet to you, for a unique and aesthetically fantastic bike.

Now please provide us with a nice pic of the bike fully set up and regale us with a detailed write-up of how it is to ride!

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by kgt

It looks fantastic!
You have something really special and a really made in Italy one!

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by bJay

Theres a guy who races C grade on a Casati Marte in red with lightweights. Hes blonde and has '007' tattooed on his arm :roll: We nicknamed him Fabio :mrgreen:

The frame looks great mate, and what has been said already is true that the finish on those frames is first class. Cannot wait to see it fully built and am interested to see the final weight 8)

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by KB

Yum yum. Great looking already and it's white, so can't go wrong. More pics Blue.

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by mriddle

Congrats on the Marte, I've long admired them.
I see that the new Marte (yours) now has internal shift cables on them.
How long did it take for Casati to make the frame? Also, did you send them the stem for painting?
I've never known Casati to use anything other than Deda stems.
Looks like you are off to a great start on the build.
Please post more pics as you proceed.

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by bomber

congrats on the build it looks like its going to be awesome... get some finished pics up!!
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y tin
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by y tin

Nice. Looking forward to seeing the finished bike. I have an earlier casati marte and it's brill.
I like the stem on yours too, looks a nice finish.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Great looking bike there mate!!!

Curious though, what is the idea behind the 'hole' in the top tube? I was pondering what it could be for when I first saw this frame 6 or 7 months ago.

Maybe to smuggle a ninja gel pack? :noidea:

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by Frankie - B

Oi! Cyco, Are you going to update this thread or what? :wink: :mrgreen:
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by phallenthoul

Frankie - B wrote:Oi! Cyco, Are you going to update this thread or what? :wink: :mrgreen:

he'd like to keep us drooling for a while..

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