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by kevinkalis


So here's my training bike. It's a Felt F5 frame circa 2008 I got off ebay. Currently built up with DA 7900 throughout with a 105 5600 crankset. Once I've got the funds together, I plan on swapping the DA Derailleurs and Brakes with 105 5700.

Overall impression of the bike is very good. Ride quality and handling is definitely better than my previous Bianchi Carbon Frame circa 2003.

The wheelset on there was just for the pictures while I was putting the bike together.

Unfortunately I didn't weigh the frame while I was building it up. It's pretty much just a standard build.

My next 2 projects, however, will be a Crit bike, built up using an OEM Carbon Frame from eBay and then a proper WW bike which will probably be a Canyon Ultimate CF with DA 7900 throughout and a few exotic parts here and there.

All of this is dependant on me sourcing the funds so will keep you updated with the progress.

I'll try to take some more pictures when I've got the time and add them as well

As a teaser, here's a picture of the frame I'll be using for the crit bike. It's not particularly light but it's stealth, cheap and BB30 so it's perfect.


Here's my holiday bike:

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Do you suffer more when you train, or cannot train?

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by tonytourist

Looking forward to seeing your crit and Canyon builds :beerchug:

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by Westifer12

That's one murdered out frame. What is it, mock anything? Looks slightly like a Merckx EMXish, maybe... :noidea:
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by solerider

Host: Ok contestants, it's time for another game of "Name that Frame"

Contestant #1: I'll say Ribble stealth -- ... IBBFRAR970

Contestant #2: I believe it's a pedalforce s3 -- ... s_id=18479


In all seriousness, please let us know how the ride is - I've been toying with the idea of purchasing a ribble stealth for a while.

Great stable.

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by kevinkalis

I'm really looking forward to the build, sub $500 for the frame including postage seems like a good deal to me. Add to that a Cannondale Hollowgram crankset and 50mm full carbon clinchers it should look pretty awesome.

When I start the build I'll start a thread with photos for every step and a full ride report once the bike's finished.

Do you suffer more when you train, or cannot train?

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by JesseD

Really interested in this as well, love the matt black and the fact there is no ISP.

Can you conf where the frame was sourced from as I have looked on Xpace and they only have it with an ISP and in gloss black??

Same frame as the De Rosa R838 I believe as well, just a hell of a lot cheaper :D

It would look amazing with a black SISL crank and Sram Red Black on it, possibly with a set of 60mm black deep sections on it as well.

I know matt balck stealth has been done to death but, they still look the business IMO.


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by dmoneysworks

Hey there - how is the OEM frameset build going?

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