c2002 Giant TCR - now 5.51Kg (12.1lb)

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by gandini


My bike is listed as one of the light bikes on this site, and other WW sites. Recently I upgraded to take advantage of some of the WW improvements that have happened in the last 6 years.

Current specification - Sept 1, 2009: (Kg)

Giant TCR frame(1st generation) 1.100
Easton EC90 SLX .330
FSA headset and spacers .080
Cinelli RAM bar and stem* .420
Lightning integrated BB cranks .470
DA rings 42/52, bolts .120
Speedplay X1 tuned pedals .150
AX Lightness Endurance saddle .095
USE Carbon seatpost .150
Giant tuned seatpost clamp .020
SRAM Red lever set .310
Zero G brakeset (Swisstech pads) .190
SRAM Red rear derailleur .150
KMC SL 10spd chain .225
Campag Record 10 front derailleur .071
F Wheel: M5, Sapim, Edge 25 .330
R Wheel: Extralite SX, Sapim, Edge 25 .450
KCNC 11-23 cassette .110
Tune AC14 skewers .033
Veloflex Carbon tubulars* .580
Tufo rim glue .020
bar tape, misc .090
Campag Record bottle cage .020

Total (measured) weight 5.510Kg (12.1lbs)

* heavy items could be switched for 11.5lb build
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by Carbon_Cowboy

That is stellar, great build!

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by CippoForLife

I just crapped my pants.
Best looking TCR I've ever seen.
Those wheels are so sweet.
Did you re-finish the crank? If so, how? I have an s-works crank I want to de-logo.
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by gandini

Yes, I wet-sanded the fork (oy vey, those Easton decals are nasty!), the frame, and the cranks. I just go easy, starting at 150grit, then moving to 300, 600 and then 1200. Final polish with a jeweller's mop and rouge. I bet you end up taking about 2 layers of molecules off, so it's not compromising the material at all.
The wheels are amazing--780gm together and they feel strong. I don't know about longevity, but they may last longer than me, so what does it matter? I live for the day, these days.

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by Zak

Beutiful beutiful bike!!!

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by phallenthoul

too hot
can't look at her with naked eyes!

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by BeeBee30

780g wheels, my god 8) awesome! I'd ditch the red bar tape and blue chainstay sticker, stealth, stealth, STEALTH :twisted:
Ti or dye!

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Mamma mia. That is simply awesome.

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by prendrefeu

After you sanded off the decals, did you add a coat of lacquer to seal it up?
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by gandini

prendrefeu wrote:After you sanded off the decals, did you add a coat of lacquer to seal it up?

Nope. Just polished the epoxy with progressively finer compounds and a jeweller's mop. There's a nice coat of gelcoat over the CF, and I'm not worried about UV exposure--it's not the biggest threat to the bike.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Looks scarily like a Pedal Force now with all the decals removed...rather, the Pedal Force looks like it.

Not that it's a bad thing by any means! Love the finish on it!

And that weight! :unbelievable:

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by TheBugMan

Very light and oh so nice! Ahead of it's time even today. Do you have a link to the original intro thread?
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by klingej

Extremely nice build - beautiful ride!

Edit: could I ask you where you had yuor wheels built?
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by Sleg8

Ahh Gandini - I remember your bike when it was first up on WW. Very impressive. I commend your final weight given the 'conservative' choice on some parts of the build. I can see a new bar and stem in your future... :wink:

The wheel build in the 700gm -league is very impressive for 20-24h standard build. Do you mind if I ask how much you weigh and also how you find the Edge 25 rims compared to similar low pro carbon hoops?


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by gandini

Sleg8--great to hear that you were around back then, and still here!
I weigh approx 80Kg (maybe a tad more... :mrgreen: but I'm a "light" rider on my equipment.
Jason at Fairwheel Bikes made the wheels for me--I talked with him and he gave me a base spec to work with, but ultimately I went for lighter hubs knowing that they might require a little more maintenance over a shorter life span. The wheels are very well built up and I'm impressed with the Edge rims. I was running American Classic Carbons (the original 38mm ones) that held up extremely well over 5-6 years. They will remain my back-up wheels for sure.
I can't find my original post on the bike, but here's what it looked like a while back: http://gandini.unm.edu/PublicShare/Giants/Gandini.htm
As for lighter bar and stem--yes, I could easily lose 150gm but the Cinelli Ram is *so* comfortable--it just wants to be held :thumbup:

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